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Plants and Animals at Mill's Hardware, Hamilton, ON (04/12/16)



This past Sunday night, in the town of Hamilton, Ontario - Montreal band Plants And Animals took a quick break from their work as support for Half Moon Run to make some magic at the one and only Mill's Hardware.

Mill's Hardware is an incredible event space / concert venue with awesome sound and acoustics and enough space for everyone to enjoy the show comfortably.

We had the pleasure of learning about Plants And Animals many years go, opening for Secret City Records label mate Patrick Watson at the Mod Club in Toronto. We were hooked from the jump - but they have genuinely gone from an awesome band that we dug right away to an absolute force. In ten or so years they have released four full length records and have toured relentlessly.

All of this was clear as day the moment they set foot on stage on Sunday and treated the appreciative crowd to an intimate show comprised of most of the new record Waltzed In From The Rumbling, as well as a glorious selection of classics and favorites and a beautiful Leonard Cohen cover during the encore.

Plants And Animals create raw electricity on stage. It's cliche as hell, but it's true. You will zone out entirely. You will rack your brain to find other bands as captivating. You will love every second of it.

Make sure that you check out and really absorb the new Plants And Animals record. It is absolutely so great. Every song. Make sure you see the band on tour as well. You will be so happy you did.




Supersuckers live at Call The Office, London, ON, Weds. Nov. 5/14

We had a blast getting loud and sweaty with the debaucherous rock of the Supersuckers. The first thing we noticed was, for a Wednesday night the band drew a crowd. And in the words of lead vocalist Eddie Spaghetti at the beginning of the set "Everybody drink up and see if we can make a regular Wednesday feel like a kick ass Thursday!" And kick ass it did. What a night! Going down like a good party should, getting better as the evening progressed. Filled with rock that got you moving, singing along, and kept your hands in the air. The performance was filled with interaction that perfectly accumulated the crowds energy and sustained it. All the while downing drinks from fans, the band suitably wailed out lyrics like "the rails off the tails of a hundred dirty whores" and "I'm pretty fucked up," making the whole night feel like you were partying in the right place with the right people. Complete with climax, a cool down, extended encore that never saw the band leave the stage and even a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song." The Supersuckers hail themselves as the greatest rock band in the world. Whether you agree or not. If you get a chance catch this band live, their performance is nothing short of great from start to finish. Just be prepared to party!

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Mounties live at Lee's Palace, Nov. 1/14

We always start these reviews by stating how much we love Lee's Palace.  It's definitely one of the best venues in the city.  So there, we said it again, and we meant it like always.

There was an impressively large turnout for The Mounties, especially considering this is at least the third time they have played Toronto in 2014.  The reason for such a group, became obvious the second they graced the stage.  They are fucking incredible live.

The supergroup is comprised of Steve Bays (of Hot Hot Heat), Ryan Dahle (of Limblifter), and most importantly (in our opinion), the musical and comedic genius known as Hawksley Workman.  They hit the ground running.  The only sound issues the whole time were right away, and they were cleared up instantly and we never looked back.  It was smooth, sonically mindblowing sailing from there on out.  They covered pretty much the entire album, and made the whole thing an experience not to be missed by also providing impressive improvised jams, and of course in between hilarity from Hawksley himself.

Anyone who has seen Hawksley Workman before would know for sure that what sets his performances apart is his banter, his wit.  The dude is way too funny.  Clearly the woman who yelled "Shut your pie hole!" at him had no idea, and she was quickly met with jokes from Workman and boos from the crowd.  Of course, like a true comedian, he brought up the shutting of one's pie whole several more times throughout the night.  It was hilarious.  

All in all, these guys are a must see.  Everything sounded amazing, visually it was incredible, we were laughing and jamming out the whole time.  Don't miss out on these guys.  There's more tourdates below.

Dundas: Monday Nov 3 @ The Dundas Valley Montessori*
London: Tuesday Nov 4 @ Call The Office*

Winnipeg: Tuesday Dec 9 - The Garrick Centre**

Saskatoon: Wednesday Dec 10 - Louis’ Pub**
Calgary: Thursday Dec 11 - Flames Central**
Edmonton: Friday Dec 12 - The Starlite**
Vancouver: Sunday Dec 14 - The Vogue Theatre**

*w/ Gay Nineties
**w/ Phantogram



Thanks so much to Lee's Palace and Collective Concerts for having us.  Check out more of their great upcoming shows here.


Album: Forest Fire "Screens"


Pleasant, charming and experimental are just a few words to describe the NYC band Forest Fire. 
“Screens” has a completely separate and fresh sound from their previous releases “Staring at the X” and 
“Survival”. The album opens with “Waiting in the night” where Songwriter/vocalist and band leader 
Mark Thresher asks the listener questions upon the consequence “if there’s something in the night 
worth fighting for”. Meanwhile Natalie Stormann brings us up with cosmic synth scales while Galen 
Bremer brings us back down with one touch guitar chords and Robert Pounding holds steady with a 
snare heavy drum loop. Mark Thresher sings softly and the song leaves us feeling like we should be 
waiting for the sunrise.

On “Yellow roses” Stormann keys the organ with a sense of playfulness and has us picturing ourselves 
walking a dog through a field of wild flowers in the heart of a sunny morning. Thresher has a darker 
take with his lyrics though, with a line like “Sometimes I want you to disappear so I can come back 
again” reminiscent of something the moon would say to the sun if they were fighting over who gets to 
shine on the Earth. Overall, the playful organ and bass line will have you walking with a smile. “Cold 
Kind” has us feeling like we’re watching the introduction to the newest middle stream Rom com movie 
most likely made independently with the main characters being a kind, nervous intellectual guy and 
a sassy mega babe who stays up to date in all things creative. Balance between the two to create 
something spectacular together is the lesson. 

The 11 minute song “Annie” has us getting to know the amazing woman that is Annie and has us 
thinking about the band “Belle and Sebastian” as the sound is quite comparable. This is not a complaint 
by any means, the analog instrumentation and the out of this worldly and worldly explorations keep our 
mind and sometimes our body moving. Nostalgic 70’s and 80’s sounds are the centre of influence for 
this marathon song.

In “Alone with the Wires” Thresher has himself pondering daily inconsequential questions with the 
lyric “How long between haircuts? and who’s gonna pay for lunch?” We find ourselves confused after 
this one as Threshers lyrics have been sharp and deep aside from this, but we take it as a break and 
understand that he’s also just a man. “Never Far” closes out the album and it sure sounds like it, with 
experimental guitar sounds and looping synth scales we leave the album with more questions than 
answers which is good news. We believe Forest Fire’s future will be as bright as their name suggests and 
we look forward to seeing and hearing more of them.

by Josh Pitt



Album: The Whigs - Modern Creation

We feel like we should start this off by saying we are biased.  Extremely so.

The Whigs have been a favorite band of ours for more than a few years now.  To be honest, we count In The Dark as one of the best albums out there.  An honest, dark, and loud record full of genuine rock and roll.  Straight outta Athens, GA. We've had the honour of seeing them live a few times, twice as support, and in both instances they absolutely blew away the band they were opening up for.  

Seeing The Whigs live is a chance to see what it's all about.  A real band.  Three dudes who know their shit, and go all in when it comes to both recording and touring.  To be frank, part of our excitement behind a new album from them means another big tour.

This new album is a winner, by the way.  We noticed a definite shift in tone between In The Dark and Enjoy The Company.  This is nothing but great news if you ask us, The Whigs are such talented and prolific musicians, we would never want them to make the same album twice. The album starts with "You Should Be Able To Feel It", and they are right...you should. It's a no nonsense but still extra fun rock jam with nice loud guitars and monster percussion.  This trend carries on into the next few tracks, all of which are written and performed with an optimistic and earnest edge to them.  The beautiful thing about this album is we are as excited to hear it again and again as we can imagine the band was to make it.

Modern Creation carries on in an organized flurry of noisy guitars and loud yet super precise drumming, with a whole bunch of beautifully unifying basslines and catchy and though provoking lyricism.  By the time we get to the first single "Hit Me", we feel a slight confusion because any of these tracks could easily be singles.  This whole album is hits.  It's been said that The Whigs are one of the last true rock bands and that may be true.  They are doing it properly, and we have been on board since almost the beginning.

If you love real, raw, upbeat and grungy rock and roll, get this album.  It doesn't get much better.

 'Modern Creation.' Available now. Buy it today via Amazon (http://amzn.to/1fmeGlw) or iTunes (http://smarturl.it/moderncreation).

Follow The Whigs:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/thewhigs
Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewhigs