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Plants and Animals at Mill's Hardware, Hamilton, ON (04/12/16)



This past Sunday night, in the town of Hamilton, Ontario - Montreal band Plants And Animals took a quick break from their work as support for Half Moon Run to make some magic at the one and only Mill's Hardware.

Mill's Hardware is an incredible event space / concert venue with awesome sound and acoustics and enough space for everyone to enjoy the show comfortably.

We had the pleasure of learning about Plants And Animals many years go, opening for Secret City Records label mate Patrick Watson at the Mod Club in Toronto. We were hooked from the jump - but they have genuinely gone from an awesome band that we dug right away to an absolute force. In ten or so years they have released four full length records and have toured relentlessly.

All of this was clear as day the moment they set foot on stage on Sunday and treated the appreciative crowd to an intimate show comprised of most of the new record Waltzed In From The Rumbling, as well as a glorious selection of classics and favorites and a beautiful Leonard Cohen cover during the encore.

Plants And Animals create raw electricity on stage. It's cliche as hell, but it's true. You will zone out entirely. You will rack your brain to find other bands as captivating. You will love every second of it.

Make sure that you check out and really absorb the new Plants And Animals record. It is absolutely so great. Every song. Make sure you see the band on tour as well. You will be so happy you did.




Lindi Ortega and Sam Cash at Aeolian Hall, London, ON - Tues. Oct. 20/15

Aeolian Hall is hands down, the best venue in London (Ontario). It's been cited (by the CBC we think) as one of the top 10 places to experience live music in all of Canada. And as our host for the evening last night stated, it's even Buffy St. Marie's favorite venue. Ever.

It's modest. It's beautiful. It's run by awesome volunteers. It helps teach music to kids who may not otherwise have an opportunity. And it has some of the best sound imaginable. The Aeolian does it all.

Not to mention whoever their talent buyer is, is brilliant. Aeolian Hall gets a constant rotation of roots, folk, country, blues, rock and other greatness, and puts it front and center in an intimate room that acoustically, will blow your mind. We've seen some greats in this wonderful room, the likes of: Ohbijou, Great Lake Swimmers, Hayden, Emily Haines, Hawksley Workman and more. But last night we were treated to something spectacularly new.

Last night we got to see Lindi Ortega and her band blow the roof off of the Aeolian Hall.

Up first was Sam Cash, who usually plays with his band, The Romantic Dogs. He was great. His voice boomed and his stage presence was magnetic, especially for someone who rarely plays solo shows. We are fans of this man from now on. Job well done, Sam Cash.

After a brief intermission, Lindi Ortega and her band of musical wizards took the stage. Right away she had the audience's complete attention and held it until the very last note. Ortega has an awesome range and plays a bunch of different styles, performing with a ton of energy and keeping the crowd engaged throughout. She played a nice long set complete with a four song encore, leaving every single audience member wowed and ready to spread the good word of Lindi Ortega.

She never sits still, she is an incredible guitar player, she is funny and awesome and her voice is like nothing you've ever heard before. Lindi Ortega is on some next level shit and hopefully she makes 50 more albums.

Her newest record 'Faded Gloryville' is amazing, and it's available now.


The New Pornographers and Operators at London Music Hall, Feb. 6/2015

Hot on the heels of some sold out shows in Ontario, the West Coast supergroup known as The New Pornographers and the slightly newer supergroup and new brainchild of Dan Boeckner made their way down to London last Friday. We always love the shows that Collective Concerts bring to us; when it comes to rock music of all kinds, they seem to book some of the best shows in Toronto, and lucky for us, London has been getting some great ones too.

Let us start by saying, Operators and The New Pornographers on the same bill is just awesome.  These acts complimented eachother perfectly from start to finish.  The show started moments after we got their, and the music hall looked about half full during Operators first set, and was pretty much packed before too long. Operators are the newest creation of Dan Boeckner, who we know from so many of our favorite projects including Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade and Divine Fits.  The man is a musical genius who makes nothing but wonderful music, and when you get a chance to see this guy try something new, you will not regret.  His passion for performing is evident from the second he walks on stage, and the rest of the band (Sam Brown and Devojka) are so immensely talented and energetic, this is a perfect recipe.  We were fully entranced by their opening set, hanging on every word.  By the time they wrapped their show, we were all the way ready for main event.

When The New Pornographers graced the stage the entire crowd was ecstatic to see the smiling faces of Kathryn Calder, AC Newman, Dan Bejar (aka Destroyer) and the rest.  Without wasting a minute the Pornographers launched into an upbeat, beautiful set full of classics and incredible new jams, treating the crowd to almost 90 minutes of greatness. We have seen them live a few times but only at festivals up until now, so it was nice to see a longer set in a more intimate setting.  

Big thanks to the bands for a great show, and London Music Hall and Collective Concerts for putting it on!