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Plants and Animals at Mill's Hardware, Hamilton, ON (04/12/16)



This past Sunday night, in the town of Hamilton, Ontario - Montreal band Plants And Animals took a quick break from their work as support for Half Moon Run to make some magic at the one and only Mill's Hardware.

Mill's Hardware is an incredible event space / concert venue with awesome sound and acoustics and enough space for everyone to enjoy the show comfortably.

We had the pleasure of learning about Plants And Animals many years go, opening for Secret City Records label mate Patrick Watson at the Mod Club in Toronto. We were hooked from the jump - but they have genuinely gone from an awesome band that we dug right away to an absolute force. In ten or so years they have released four full length records and have toured relentlessly.

All of this was clear as day the moment they set foot on stage on Sunday and treated the appreciative crowd to an intimate show comprised of most of the new record Waltzed In From The Rumbling, as well as a glorious selection of classics and favorites and a beautiful Leonard Cohen cover during the encore.

Plants And Animals create raw electricity on stage. It's cliche as hell, but it's true. You will zone out entirely. You will rack your brain to find other bands as captivating. You will love every second of it.

Make sure that you check out and really absorb the new Plants And Animals record. It is absolutely so great. Every song. Make sure you see the band on tour as well. You will be so happy you did.




Abstract Rude at Overtime Sports Bar in Calgary, July 25/15


We had the pleasure of catching the legendary L.A. Underground hip hop pioneer Abstract Rude at Overtime Sports Bar in Calgary this past Saturday.  Just Haze Entertainment hosted the event andas usual, Ab Rude did not disappoint.  He played all the classics: "Yep!", "All Day", "Coolin'", "Life Goes On", "A Coat of Paint", "Stop Biting" etc.  while the die hard fans rapped and sang along in unison.  He also played some new tunes like "Walk Slower Daddy" that he wrote for his daughter and "Kan of Whoop Ass" which brought just as much energy to the event.  This was the last show of his tour and we can't wait to get another chance to see the ever inspiring Abstract Rude.




Rich Aucoin and HIGHS and Partners In Health live at Call The Office 11/03/15!

We were just a bit more excited for last nights' show than usual.  Just a bit.
As soon as we walked into the legendary Call The Office in London, we were overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia for all of the amazing nights we've experienced there.  So many incredible performances from now massive musicians and artists in this unassuming place that oozes history.

We managed to catch most of local up and comers Partners In Health's set, and we were not disappointed.  The foursome graciously played a solid collection of tunes with an infectious indie punk rock sort of vibe that we are definitely pumped to hear more of.  Do yourself a favor and look into Partners In Health.

After a quick changeover, HIGHS took the stage and wasted no time getting into their super melodic, technical and wonderfully tight style of rock and roll.  They remind us of a million different great things at once, while sounding like nothing we can really say we've heard before.  And like Partners In Health before them and Rich Aucoin afterwards, they played their hearts out for a modestly sized yet super devoted London crowd.  We can't wait for more from HIGHS, and will definitely be checking out their show with Cold War Kids in May in Toronto.

One more changeover and we were ready for the main event, Mr. Rich Aucoin.  The stage was set with his mystery rig of synthesizer goodness, the drums, and a white sheet backdrop which we would soon be unable to look away from.  Believe us when we say, we went through all six stages of joy during this performance.  We laughed, we danced, we screamed out uplifting lyrics, we all felt great.  Rich Aucoin took hold of all of us and made us feel like champions, all while giving us one of the best concert performances we will like ever experience.

His ability to perform such an insane live show with amazing lights and video, hilarious crowd interaction and such incredible music is nothing short of mindblowing.  We loved every minute of it.  It's only a matter of time until this guy is the king of the world, if you ask us.  Somebody please give Rich Aucoin a whole lot of money and all the Grammys, because he's helping make us all better.

Please remember to support musicians like Partners In Health, HIGHS and Rich Aucoin.  We need these people to keep doing what their doing, because it's for everyone, and they are so damn good at it.  Let's help people do what they love, it will make us all better people.  Huge thanks to all of the artists, Call The Office and Audioblood.  This was truly a night to remember.


Mounties live at Lee's Palace, Nov. 1/14

We always start these reviews by stating how much we love Lee's Palace.  It's definitely one of the best venues in the city.  So there, we said it again, and we meant it like always.

There was an impressively large turnout for The Mounties, especially considering this is at least the third time they have played Toronto in 2014.  The reason for such a group, became obvious the second they graced the stage.  They are fucking incredible live.

The supergroup is comprised of Steve Bays (of Hot Hot Heat), Ryan Dahle (of Limblifter), and most importantly (in our opinion), the musical and comedic genius known as Hawksley Workman.  They hit the ground running.  The only sound issues the whole time were right away, and they were cleared up instantly and we never looked back.  It was smooth, sonically mindblowing sailing from there on out.  They covered pretty much the entire album, and made the whole thing an experience not to be missed by also providing impressive improvised jams, and of course in between hilarity from Hawksley himself.

Anyone who has seen Hawksley Workman before would know for sure that what sets his performances apart is his banter, his wit.  The dude is way too funny.  Clearly the woman who yelled "Shut your pie hole!" at him had no idea, and she was quickly met with jokes from Workman and boos from the crowd.  Of course, like a true comedian, he brought up the shutting of one's pie whole several more times throughout the night.  It was hilarious.  

All in all, these guys are a must see.  Everything sounded amazing, visually it was incredible, we were laughing and jamming out the whole time.  Don't miss out on these guys.  There's more tourdates below.

Dundas: Monday Nov 3 @ The Dundas Valley Montessori*
London: Tuesday Nov 4 @ Call The Office*

Winnipeg: Tuesday Dec 9 - The Garrick Centre**

Saskatoon: Wednesday Dec 10 - Louis’ Pub**
Calgary: Thursday Dec 11 - Flames Central**
Edmonton: Friday Dec 12 - The Starlite**
Vancouver: Sunday Dec 14 - The Vogue Theatre**

*w/ Gay Nineties
**w/ Phantogram



Thanks so much to Lee's Palace and Collective Concerts for having us.  Check out more of their great upcoming shows here.


Julie Doiron & Wooden Stars wsg. Evening Hymns Aug. 21, 2014 at Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

As soon as we heard about this show, we knew it would be a special night.  Collective Concerts are renowned for bringing us Toronto folks some of the best shows we could possibly imagine.  We arrived at the Horseshoe just as Evening Hymns were taking the stage. Unfortunately we missed Jose Conteras, but the crowd was already in the zone after a great set from the By Divine Right vocalist.

Evening Hymns are amazing.  The frontman and songwriter Jonas Bonnetta from Orono, Ontario and he and his extra talented band sounded absolutely perfect. Regrettably, it's been years since we caught one of their shows, and they just keep writing beautiful music and then performing it in an engaging and mesmerizing way.  We can't stop being amazed by Evening Hymns, and were so pumped when they played the classic Dead Deer amongst the perfect selection of new songs. 

After an extremely enjoyable set, one of our favorite musicians out there, the amazing Julie Doiron and The Wooden Stars were ready to go. Even more than ten years later, they haven't missed a beat.  Jumping right into a passionate set of beautiful, sometimes somber but always captivating set. We have seen Julie perform a whole bunch of times and she's always so great and we love her more and more each time. 

Please, enrich your life with the wonderful music of Evening Hymns and Julie Doiron and The Wooden Stars. 

Check out Collective Concerts for more amazing shows in and around Toronto.