TOKiMONSTA's Fovere Tour at The Mod Club 11/27

TOKiMONSTA brought the Fovere Tour to the Mod Club in Toronto.  She's preparing to release her new mini-album, and this tour with Anderson Paak and Two Fresh is inviting more and more people into her world with each city they perform in.  The duo known as Two Fresh have been building a serious buzz, and their performance proves that the heat is well deserved.  These two artists have a masterful sense of what works in their dj sets, and they inspired that Toronto audience to shrug off a long week and get loose at one of our favourite venues in the city.

TOKiMONSTA followed Two Fresh, and performed a set that felt like a transition between chapters.  She played tunes we've loved for some time and heard the last time she performed in the city at GO HARD Toronto, and a great many we've never heard before.  The selections kept us guessing, as to which previously unheard tracks may emerge as part of the new record 'Fovere'.  From dance music to hip hop, and back again, TOKiMONSTA proves she's as unpredictable as she is talented.

Midway through her set Anderson Paak joined TOKiMONSTA onstage.  Their new single 'Put It Down' with KRNE from 'Fovere' led the way, 'Own Life' that Anderson Paak released earlier this year with Vindata, and 'Drugs' from Paak's solo debut 'Venice' drew increasingly more and more energy from the crowd.  The energetic performer has been releasing a steady stream of powerful new music, and his live show does not disappoint.  It somehow makes you love the music evermore than you would have without seeing it live.

This was never more true than when the duo ended their joint set with a performance of the unbelievable single 'Realla'.  This was our track of the year for 2014, and one that we'd waited some time to experience live.  It's safe to say we had high hopes for the collaborative show from Anderson Paak and TOKiMONSTA, and finally witnessing it; they're like nothing we've ever known...




The Misfit Toys Tour 11/16

In case you missed it, the Misfit Toys tour is the sort of thing where the fear of missing out is real.  This felt like a wonderful way to revisit some of our summer festival adventures, having seen Holychild and ASTR at Governors Ball and Ryn Weaver at CMW back in the spring.  It's been a while since we found a show where the entire lineup fit so perfectly together.  ASTR's high energy meets the intimacy of Holychild's show and Ryn Weaver's depth and power and gives the audience an unforgettable night from beginning to end... 

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DJ DS at The Hoxton 11/6

Witnessing Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy perform as DJ Dodger Stadium on their tour in support of 'Stand Up And Speak' is a privilege.  Last night at the Hoxton they joined the stellar Focus Friday lineup with hrmxny and Lido, and brought their one of a kind, soulful, passionate sound to one of Toronto's popular spots for dance music.  The varied styles on the lineup made for a night that defied the very concept of ordinary, with hrmxny following the release of his new EP 'Strange As It Seems' earlier that day, and Lido bringing a show like no other it was a glimpse at the bright, bold, and wildly adventurous future of dance music.

Early on the passionate cry of 'Stand Up And Speak' was heard, a song as challenging and inspiring as it is unique.  Later in the set, the second single 'In The Flames' rang out as well as their stunning, soulful remix of Timmy Thomas' classic 'Everybody Wants To Live Together'.   Before long the unmistakable piano chords of 'You Don't Have To Be Alone' were heard and a part of what makes DJ Dodger Stadium great became evident. There's a mysterious element that draws people in, something welcoming, soothing, and unifying in a crowd like that.  The show felt a lot like the beach at the end of the video for 'You Don't Have To Be Alone'.  

When Lido followed the duo of Body High founders, there was a dynamic change in the building.  The solo performance is so energetic, and the light show so intense it quickly became a an extra sensory experience.  The artists on the bill at the Hoxton show the marvellous diversity in modern electronic music, and reminded us that it's really the only thing that matters.  'Stand Up And Speak' is out in January, and from the glimpse we got at it last night, it will be a bold, new experience, and one that the world certainly needs. 


Mac Demarco live at Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Oct. 31/2015

Returning for the 4th Vancouver show in just 7 months, Mac Demarco has sold out the Commodore Ballroom for the second day in a row. For this special Halloween concert, the band plays to arguably their most loyal fan-base: high school students. Mac himself is dressed impeccably as a nun for the occasion, while fellow bandmates are adorned in various other haphazard outfits, seemingly thrown together in a pinch.

A commendable move for Mac, the BC native, who is taking this time to play for the die-hard fans that could in no other legal fashion see one of his concerts - and he brings a quality show  to the table for them. The band brought out the gammet of old an new, getting the crowd particularly riled in the beginning with fan-favourites like Salad Days, and Another One. Stoke levels spiked with the one of Mac's most notable songs, Ode to Viceroy, where the crowd predictably pelted the band with cigarettes. Not a flinch on the part of any band member, while taking unlit smokes to the face.
A slightly more PG, but typical Mac Demarco banter fills the room between songs, as he playfully passes a balloon back and forth with the crowd. If you've seen Mac Demarco, you know he's a boisterous and passionate musical performer, and always satisfies viewers. If you haven't seen Mac Demarco: fix that.



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Lindi Ortega and Sam Cash at Aeolian Hall, London, ON - Tues. Oct. 20/15

Aeolian Hall is hands down, the best venue in London (Ontario). It's been cited (by the CBC we think) as one of the top 10 places to experience live music in all of Canada. And as our host for the evening last night stated, it's even Buffy St. Marie's favorite venue. Ever.

It's modest. It's beautiful. It's run by awesome volunteers. It helps teach music to kids who may not otherwise have an opportunity. And it has some of the best sound imaginable. The Aeolian does it all.

Not to mention whoever their talent buyer is, is brilliant. Aeolian Hall gets a constant rotation of roots, folk, country, blues, rock and other greatness, and puts it front and center in an intimate room that acoustically, will blow your mind. We've seen some greats in this wonderful room, the likes of: Ohbijou, Great Lake Swimmers, Hayden, Emily Haines, Hawksley Workman and more. But last night we were treated to something spectacularly new.

Last night we got to see Lindi Ortega and her band blow the roof off of the Aeolian Hall.

Up first was Sam Cash, who usually plays with his band, The Romantic Dogs. He was great. His voice boomed and his stage presence was magnetic, especially for someone who rarely plays solo shows. We are fans of this man from now on. Job well done, Sam Cash.

After a brief intermission, Lindi Ortega and her band of musical wizards took the stage. Right away she had the audience's complete attention and held it until the very last note. Ortega has an awesome range and plays a bunch of different styles, performing with a ton of energy and keeping the crowd engaged throughout. She played a nice long set complete with a four song encore, leaving every single audience member wowed and ready to spread the good word of Lindi Ortega.

She never sits still, she is an incredible guitar player, she is funny and awesome and her voice is like nothing you've ever heard before. Lindi Ortega is on some next level shit and hopefully she makes 50 more albums.

Her newest record 'Faded Gloryville' is amazing, and it's available now.

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