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Ta-Ku at The Opera House

Ta-Ku and Wafia may have just released their collaborative EP '(m)edian' but there's a lot more music from them that we were dying to witness.  And we weren't the only ones.  The Toronto stop on their tour sold out rather quickly, and if that wasn't enough indication the anticipation leading up to the show was quite evident in the audience.  It's a unique experience to find such a tightly packed crowd for artists synonymous with delicate, beautiful slow jams. 

It was the unexpected nature of this show that made it truly great.  In putting together the show Ta-Ku has taken great care to shape each element of the show, and while that creates a one of a kind video presentation, an intricate, artistic light show, and of course beautiful music, that care is never more obvious than when he addresses the audience.  His gratitude in having Toronto sell out such a classic venue is evident, and when he speaks it's softly, as if he's talking with guests in his home.

The music of '(m)edian' and both 'Songs To Break Up To' and 'Songs To Make Up To' was performed as if we were guests in his living room.  It felt so intimate, that we were so up close and personal that you truly got the sense of a gifted artist showing what he made for us.  One that really appreciates that the music means a lot to us, as it does to the people who made it.

For an artist who's music begins alone, Ta-Ku and his band perfectly translate that to a live show.  Ta-Ku goes so far beyond his electronic compositions with the accompaniment of a drummer and keyboard player.  While he plays a great portion of the music himself, the really stunning moments come when he takes to the microphone himself to sing.  At one point he admits his first note on one track is such a challenge he's nervous to begin the song...  From our perspective it was simply perfect.

Wafia joins the band throughout the show, and even performs a song with only keyboard behind her.  Supporting act Masego took the stage for a track and showcased his unbelievable talent a second time.  While 'Love Again' was unbelievable, it was performed without vocalist JMSN making the single 'Meet In The Middle' the absolute highlight for us.  It was a shining moment where both Wafia and Ta-Ku's voices combine for an ethereal effect.

We'd never expected Ta-Ku's performance to sell out, and to draw such a substantial, adoring audience.  But having witnessed it first hand, we can absolutely see why it did, and simply put; we fell in love...