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Mac Demarco live at Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Oct. 31/2015

Returning for the 4th Vancouver show in just 7 months, Mac Demarco has sold out the Commodore Ballroom for the second day in a row. For this special Halloween concert, the band plays to arguably their most loyal fan-base: high school students. Mac himself is dressed impeccably as a nun for the occasion, while fellow bandmates are adorned in various other haphazard outfits, seemingly thrown together in a pinch.

A commendable move for Mac, the BC native, who is taking this time to play for the die-hard fans that could in no other legal fashion see one of his concerts - and he brings a quality show  to the table for them. The band brought out the gammet of old an new, getting the crowd particularly riled in the beginning with fan-favourites like Salad Days, and Another One. Stoke levels spiked with the one of Mac's most notable songs, Ode to Viceroy, where the crowd predictably pelted the band with cigarettes. Not a flinch on the part of any band member, while taking unlit smokes to the face.
A slightly more PG, but typical Mac Demarco banter fills the room between songs, as he playfully passes a balloon back and forth with the crowd. If you've seen Mac Demarco, you know he's a boisterous and passionate musical performer, and always satisfies viewers. If you haven't seen Mac Demarco: fix that.



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