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56: Valise

Ladies and gentlemen, we have something amazing for you.  Not only did we have a very cool interview with Vince from the incredible Dallas band Valise - but they have also honoured us by premiering the brand spankin new Tony Q remix of their track 'Charlie Gray'. Here's what Tony Q had to say:

"Once I heard the original, I knew there was something special about the song.  Sonically, I feel the original exudes a sense of sweet abandon and grace that is present throughout the tune and I knew I wanted to try and capture that feeling in a completely different way.  There are plenty of remixes out there these days that cater to the EDM world, but I wanted this remix to be different and to honor the band with something as unique and undeniable as they are." 

We present to you, the goods:



--First of all, thanks so much for chatting with us, we have upon us the release of Tony Q's remix of your amazing tune 'Charlie Gray'.  How do you feel about handing remix duties over to someone?

I absolutely love it. We spent so much time crafting each detail of Young Bloomer, debating for hours over a single part or trying a dozen guitar/amp combinations to find the right tone.  We were fortunate to have a lot of time in the studio, which gave us the freedom to really explore and create our sound, but it also gets easy to start over-thinking and second-guessing yourself.  For the remix, it was nice to finally lay down the magnifying glass and let someone else have fun with it all. 

Your album Young Bloomer is out now, and everyone over here absolutely loves it.  How has life changed for you since the album came out? How have you all been keeping busy? 

Thank you! Yeah, things have changed for us a bit since the release. The people in our hometown - Dallas - have really gotten behind the record.  Our last two local shows both sold-out, which was sort of mind-blowing. The first time you see a stranger singing along in the crowd... it's an odd feeling.  You realize that it's not about you - it's about the music, or it's about Valise, but it's REALLY not about you anymore.  When we were recording, the songs were ours, and ours alone.  Only we could listen to them, and only we had the power to change them. As soon as the record came out, it belonged to everybody.  The songs become a part of somebody else's life, in their daily playlists, and if we're lucky, they start to take on a personal meaning for each listener that we can't really understand and certainly never intended.  Now that we're on the road, playing the album, that's been the biggest surprise - meeting people who already know the album, and have a real emotional connection to it.  It's something we obviously have in common with them, and at that point you're not just meeting fans, you're making friends.

What are your thoughts on the rise of electronic music and remix culture?
The social networking scene for electronic and remix music is at an all time high. With SoundCloud and HypeMachine, it's easier than ever to get your remixes out there and to have good work get the recognition it deserves.  It's really is it's own art-form. Taking somebody else's work, deconstructing it, and putting it back together with an entirely new vision.  It's an incredible feeling to hear a song you love become a different song.  On the other end, bands that are getting remixed get the opportunities to market their songs for a second time. It benefits everybody: artist, remixer, and listener.

Summer is right around the corner, any big plans?  What do you guys do when you're sick of recording or touring and need to take a break? 

We're not headed back into the studio anytime soon, but we won't be slowing down on touring this year.  We're on the road with Copeland until June, and it looks like we'll be headed back out again soon after that.  The response to the album has been great.  It's incredible to see the reviews, comments, e-mails, etc. but the album is really just half the experience.  Anybody can find us online and check us out on Spotify.  Our goal is to get those people in a venue and take the relationship to the next level.  In a live setting, people can see the passion we have for these songs, and when it all goes according to plan, that passion is contagious.  Meeting new people, making new friends and fans, it's really the best part of this whole thing, so we'll stay on the road as long as we can this year.

What inspires you to get down to work, where do your ideas come from?
They come from everywhere. Seriously, it could be a line in a book, a scene from Mad Men, a score for a movie... sometimes I'll be driving and an idea will hit me.  You pull over, and make a crappy voice memo on your phone. Half of Young Bloomer started off that way. You don't have control over where inspiration comes from, or when it hits.  You just accept it, and make time to let it grow. 

Who is gonna win the Superbowl next year?

I just want to see Katy Perry ride a giant lion again tbh.