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We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ryne Estwing from a favorite band of ours, ON AN ON. We happened to learn some seriously intersting things.

FOB - First of all thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.  On July 24 ON AN ON's second full length album 'And The Wave Has Two Sides' will be released.  So far the 3 singles 'Drifting', 'It's Not Over' and 'Icon Love' are complete opposites of each other, 'Drifting' being a powerful and emotional ballad worthy of goosebumps, 'It's Not Over' being a catchy and fun love song and 'Icon Love' stands out with a guitar solo.  What else can we expect from this album?

 Ryne - Ya I'd definitely say that 'Drifting' and 'It's Not Over' are the polar opposites of the album and 'Icon Love' would sort of be the median of the album and the rest of the album would sort of fall in between.  We actually just released a fourth single called 'I can't escape it' via a video game maze on our website that you have to play and escape from to listen to it.

FOB - In August you guys begin touring the U.S. and some of Canada.  Do you have any rituals does the band have while on tour?

Ryne - Nothing too interesting I guess aside from the boring stuff like eating.  We usually jam to 90's techno songs in the van and sometimes after shows with the energy we carry afterwards we like to cruise around and positively heckle people. 

FOB - What's the significance of the album title "And The Wave Has Two Sides"?

Ryne - Well it's actually a Brian Eno reference and For us all being from the mid-west, it was being so close to the ocean when we were on the coast in L.A. recording the album.  We would be in the studio almost everyday from 11am to midnight so when we got a day off where we could relax we would go to the beach, and when you see a wave from the one side when it's coming at you it can look sort of terrifying but if you're looking at it from the other side you can see that it's actually kind of calm which I think runs parallel with a lot of things in life. It's pretty universal.

FOB - That makes so much sense. Damn! Since we're on the topic of L.A...  You recorded 'And The Wave Has Two Sides' with Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, My Morning Jacket, Beck, countless others).  How was it working with someone with such an impressive resume?

 Ryne - I thought it was pretty intimidating and humbling.  When you walk into a room with somebody like that and you look at the list of artists they've worked with, it's always pretty intimidating.  Once we started working with him and showing him our songs it was easy, and good to get to work.  I think it's also kind of a vulnerable thing too when you're showing someone your songs they could potentially want to change everything but what we learned from working with Dave Newfeld on the last record is that it's better to trust the producer's overall direction for the process and result.

FOB- You recently had remixes done by Sammy Bananas and Twelves.  What other artists would you like to remix your tracks and are there any tracks or artists you would consider remixing?

Ryne- It would be a dream to have someone like Todd Terje, Disclosure, Nicolas Jaar to completely alter a song and turn it into an amazing remix. We've been fortunate to have a lot of amazing talent already remix our music like YACHT, The Twelves, KYWO, The Hood Internet, and Sammy Bananas but hopefully that list can just continue to grow. In an ideal world I would love to remix Björk, Beck, Miike Snow, and many, many more extremely talented artists out there.

FOB - ON AN ON was a fresh start from you previous band Scattered Trees and it's taken a more electronic approach.  What inspired the Shift and are you happy with the results?

Ryne - I think it just happened with what we were listening to at the time. It was a natural progression from where we were at the time.

FOB - You guys represent both Minneapolis and Chicago.  Where do you spend the most time?

Ryne - Definitely Minneapolis.  I was the one who lived in Chicago and when it came to writing the new record it just made sense for me to move there since the rest of the band had relocated to Minneapolis.

FOB - Thanks again for chatting with us.  We look forward to July 24 for the new record and we will see you at The Drake in Toronto September 22.

You can play the maze game to here the new single "You Can't Escape It" and also pre-order 'The Wave Has Two Sides' here: http://youcantescapeit.itsonanon.com/#