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We had the opportunity to chat with the extra dope, super prolific MC.  He's a Living Legend, he's worked with everyone, and now he's releasing his NINTH album on Tech N9ne's Strange Music label.  We managed to borrow a few minutes of his time to discuss that and a few other things...


You're releasing solo album nine, 'Have A Nice Life' on Tech N9ne's 'Strange Music', how is this different from some of your other albums?  

I feel the production is bigger on this album. And lyrically I am definitely speaking from a wiser more mature place. And the significance of my 9th album coming out on Tech N9ne’s label is trippy.

-If you could have a chat with yourself when you were working on and releasing 'F'Real', what would you say?

If I could go back and speak to myself then. I don’t think I would drop any spoilers. I would just buy a tape from him. And tell myself to keep up the good work. 

-You've collaborated with so many great artists, and made so much great music.  Who have been your favorites to work with?

Everyone I’ve collaborated with has a special place in my heart. They all have helped me grow. They’ve all helped me refine my skill and master my craft. I’m just grateful for the opportunities. I’ve been blessed to cross paths with some really talented individuals.

Will there ever be new material from 3MG?

At this in my point in my career. I am not looking to collaborate as much as - I’m in to developing myself further as a solo artist. But if the right song comes along I wouldn’t be opposed to calling the fellas hop on it.

You're about to embark on a huge North American tour with Tech N9ne - where are your favorite places to play shows?  

Not to sound generic. But I like playing anywhere there are people who are ready to have a good time. 

Do you have any rituals on tour to maintain your sanity?

I don’t’ know if it’s possible to maintain sanity the definition of insanity is said to be doing the same thing and expecting different results. And I wake up every day and do the same set soooo….. As far as rituals white tee and pants and always some vans Sk8 Hi’s the same ones the entire tour and then I give them away at the last show.

-We've heard you're an avid sports fan, who do you need on your fantasy football team this year?

Sen’Derrick Marks

-We were huge fans of 'Walk Like A Man', do you have any other plans to 
branch out and work on film or other art forms? 

I have a film premiering June 16th “Maul Dogs” and there are plans for a short film/video compilation for a few songs on “Have A Nice Life”. Definitely plan on doing more acting in the years to come.

-'And I Love It' is one of our favorite tracks ever, do you think you could ever make a part two?  

I love that you love it. If I find the right beat. It is a definite possibility. There’s so much to love in this world.

What are some of your favorite tracks from your own collection?

The Jerry Maguire Song. First Love. The entire Melrose album. Everything. Mi Corazon. Pussy and Pizza. And some shit you haven’t heard yet. LOL

-How do balance music, touring and everything else with being a husband 
and father?

You have to prioritize and put your energy where it’s needed most at the time. And whatever I do I do in the name of love. 

-Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, this is something we never could have imagined doing! So, thank you! 


The Strange Music debut album from MURS, Have A Nice Life, 
is now available in stores and at http://strangemusicinc.net!
Get it here - http://bit.ly/mHANLyt

Available NOW on iTunes - http://apple.co/1yqQR89