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57 Four Color Zack

 We had a chance to catch up with the magnificent Four Color Zack and were delighted by his kindness and how incredibly humble he is considering he is an undisputed champion and one of the world's premier turntablist/selectors doing it right now.


First of all, thanks so much for chatting with us.  One thing we find fascinating about your recent trajectory is that it's built on a foundation of raw skill.  How has being an award winning dj helped you as a musician and producer?

I think it's important to have that technical skill based DJ foundation, if for no other reason because it helps be able to translate your ideas and control your sets more. I see a lot of DJ sets where they have been very planned out, so much so that it eliminates any level of difficulty. That can be fine sometimes, but its like a tightrope walker doing their thing with a giant net below - it really takes the excitement away from it. Having a foundation of skill means you can present your ideas as freely as you want, and know that if you get in to trouble and need to steer things back on track, you have the skills to correct it and save the party.

How do you stay inspired?  Where do ideas come from?

Having a strong set of peers is always a great way to stay inspired, to keep digging for new sounds, and really to just develop the ideas that come throughout the day. They always start off as small ideas or concepts and can be made into something pretty cool with a little work. I find that I get most of my ideas when I'm just goofing around with friends or during my sets. Something will happen that I take note of and later turn into something that feels more polished. Its just about being open to any idea no matter how silly it seems.

If you could have a roundtable scratch session with any djs (alive or not), who would it be?

Craze and D-Styles and I'll just be in the corner eating pizza cheering them on.

Why do you live where you live and what's a typical day in the life of Four Colour Zack?

I live in Seattle because it's an amazing quality of life. Pacific Northwest kinda has it all - except for the sun most of the year. It doesn't have a huge DJ scene but its a great place to come home to. No matter where I travel I can never seem to find a place that trumps it for raising a family. My days at home usually involve running the dogs, playing with my daughter, having as much chill time with my wife as possible, sometimes get some design work done for a skate shop called Alive & Well I own with some homies… and somewhere in between finding time to work on the music and DJ stuff. I'm on the road a lot so when I'm home I try to make it count with the fam as much as possible.

What music, film, tv, books, whatever, have you been loving lately?

Been listening to a lot of Sam Gellaitry, Shlohmo, Guns n Roses, The-Dream, Denzel Curry… all sorts of random music stuff. It changes daily. I don't get to watch much TV but Im really bummed the BBC show Utopia was cancelled. Was looking forward to season 3. I can't even remember the last movie I watched that I wasn't just intentionally falling asleep to.

What do you love most about what you do for a living?

That it doesn't feel like im doing an actual job, its all stuff I would want to do anyway. Sure theres tons of pressure, especially with a family and real life stuff going on, but the idea that Im able to support them and exist doing this is mind blowing to me.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Come thru to a show and say hi some time, thanks!




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