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55 Belle Mare


We had the opportunity to both chat with Brooklyn creators Belle Mare, AND have them contribute a mixtape to our series.  You can check that out right below! And read on to find out what inspires these two talented artists.





-First of all, thanks so much for chatting with us and getting down on a mix!  Where did your love of music begin?  When did you know this was what you had to do?

T: Remember those Columbia House things or whatever they were called, where they send you cd's in the mail? When I was about 12 they sent Tom Petty's 'She's The One' album to my house and for some reason I opened it. It was the first time I heard an album and decided that I wanted to make music. From there my uncle in California introduced me to a ton of prog rock from the 70's - stuff like King Crimson, Can...and then I just went through all his cd's this one time when I was out there and burned them all...thats when I heard New Order, Gang of Four and most importantly the Cocteau Twins, one of my favorite bands. Then I found my moms Live Rust album, and Neil Young was all that existed for me for a while. Playing music is the one thing I do in my life without questioning why. Im an over thinker, so its great to have something in my life like that. 

A: Apparently my sister and I never stopped singing once we learned to talk. I'd be in the car, and my mum would be playing the radio, and I would demand she put "my music" on, which usually meant Raffi. I knew for sure I wanted to be a musician once I was in high school and met this rad girl Jessica. We started this garage-rock/ punk band called "Beachtits." I knew some drums and she knew some guitar chords, so we would play as loud as possible and both just scream into the microphones. I fell in love with the feeling of it, and decided I had to do this with my life. 

-You have such a distinct style of music, at what point did you know you had hit the sweet spot, and you knew you had your sound?

T: Thank you, that means a lot to hear! I think it was the first time we got together to write what became our EP. We both wanted to make something deeply haunting, I think we both used the word "creepy" actually. Then once we found our band - Tara Rook, Rob Walbourne, Gary Atturio - it was almost like our sound found us.  They all play for the song so well, and give it their own touch. Working with Ben Baptie was also such an amazing experience. He's so intuitive... sometimes I think he can read our mind. 

-Can you tell us about a typical day in the life of Belle Mare in Brooklyn (if there were such a thing)?

T: Whats great about Brooklyn is everyday is a surprise. I'm in love with Brooklyn as a place, there is such a great community here, and we have met some really lovely people here in a relatively short time. My life is very inconsistent. Along with playing music, I work in the film industry. So everyday, and every job is different. Some recent jobs I've done were a Madonna music video, a commercial with Morgan Spurlock and a Prada shoot. I never really know what Im getting into until I arrive on set. Its a lot of work, and early rising...but I think I enjoy the chaos. It also allows me a lot of time in between jobs to work on music. I mean, I kick around a lot, Amelia and I hit up the bar a lot, get together with friends. I like to go to McCarren park to exercise and read. Then make myself dinner. I just love being around my friends, making dumb jokes and getting as much out of this time in my life as I can. 

A: The first thing I normally do in the day is work out. It's the best feeling and sets me up for the day.  I'm finishing up school so i'll either be in class or working on homework when i'm not out with friends, relaxing, or demolishing food. There are so many great restaurants, music venues, and bars in my neighbourhood. It's hard not to be out almost every night! 

-What is your favorite thing about being musicians?

T: The best part is being able to do this with what have become our best friends. Being in a band is forming a family, and the time you spend in the band feels like a lifetime. It's also great to meet likeminded people. We just did this really awesome collaborative show called The Hum. We got paired with Pamela Martinez of Teletextile -shes such a beautiful person, she plays harp amongst a whole slew of other instruments, and from the moment we met her there was an instant connection. 

A: The friendships you make, and the thrill of being on stage. At first I despised performing to an audience but now I love it. 

-Do you have any big plans for 2015 that we are allowed to know about?

T:Totally...our plan is to continue to release more songs, play some great shows and find a home for our album. Definitely expect another single in the near future :)  And I just want to say thank you Andrew - we are grateful to have people like you respond with such enthusiasm about our music, its such a blessing and we look forward to sharing more with you and your readers! 



Thanks so much to Belle Mare for everything - check out more from them here!