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47 Shad

Shad has been on an upward trajectory for a bunch of years now.  We've found ourselves wondering at times, how can he continue to be SO good?  How can he keep coming up with these incredible ideas?  How can he be always outdoing himself (and everybody else)? The answer is, he is a real artist.  A creative entity who's humble approach seems to ensure maximum inspiration. We've loved pretty much everything Shad has done and lately he's been accomplishing some pretty amazing feats; such as guest hosting CBC's Q, and announcing a solo show at Massey Hall in Toronto (March 27).  He's a busy guy, and there's no limits or ending in sight, lucky for us, he took the time to answer a few of our questions. 


-First off, if there were such a thing, what's a typical day in the life of Shad?

Every day is different! Usually I got a couple projects on the go so I spend some time on email, trying to keep up with things. Exercise, pray, eat... Work on new music... watch nba highlights, read... Catch up with friends and family. 

-What inspires you to create?  How do you stay motivated?

The unbelievable privilege of getting to do this for a living. The joy of creating, the fun of music... The desire to get better and communicate more purely... Also just deadlines and having to work like everyone else.

-How has your approach to creating and recording the music grown between 'When This Is Over' and 'Flying Colours'?

I've just learned so much, first of all. I didn't even know what EQ was back when I started making my first album. I didn't know anything beyond writing lyrics and maybe a vague idea of what songs are supposed to feel like. The motivation is different now too: Back then I was just writing songs because it was like an impulse. I was a little bit angsty and bored and had all the wild kid emotions. Every album since then, the inspiration has been different. 

-What's your process for preparing to take the stage?  Does it differ from show to show?

It doesn't differ much. I like to get into the room and get a sense of what the energy is like; what people are looking for that night and what I have to offer. Then I try to build a set list around those things and bring the right energy to the stage. Only pre-show rules for me are: a) no eating too close to showtime and b) wear a black t-shirt and lightweight shoes.

-Who is making your favorite music right now?  If you could work with anyone, who might it be?

Well it looks like the 3 giants of hip hop (Kanye, Drake, and Kendrick) got albums coming this year so we'll see! Outside of rap I'm liking Caribou's album a lot. The Alvvays album. and this band Copeland who broke up years ago but just put something out again in 2014.

Thanks so much to Shad for chatting with us!  You can help him get back on Q on CBC by tweeting @CBCRadioQ with the hashtag #QtheFuture in support of Shad being the next host. 
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