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041 Lincoln

 Recently we were introduced to the wonderful music of Lincoln, an extremely talented young singer and musician who are sure is going to skyrocket out of this world.  We were instantly drawn to her music, and her original approach to her craft.  She's also an emergency room nurse, saving lives by day and creating beautiful music by night.  We had a chance to ask her a few questions and here's what happened. 

 -First of all, thank you for making such wonderful music.  We were fans after our first listen.  Could you tell us a bit about how you got in to making music?

I took my first piano lesson as a shy, nervous 7 year old and have been making music since that very day. I desperately wanted to write big, beautiful film scores so I used to watch films on mute and sit at my piano composing my own music to the scenes. Thats my first memory of writing music. 

-Who or what do you draw inspiration from? Who did you look up to growing up?

Anywhere and Everywhere, I am inspired by the weirdest things at times.  
Growing up - my Nana, she was the bravest woman I know. She still inspires and drives me. 

-What's a day in the life of Lincoln like?

Crazy! I can't ever sit still!  Im always bubbling with ideas and inspiration that sometimes my head feels like its going to explode.... no two days are the same ever!  

-Besides saving lives and making beautiful music, what else do you like to do?

Listen to amazing music. Oh and drink great wine.

-What can you tell us about 'Visions of a Fading Light'?  Is there anything else coming up that we need to know about?

Its my heart and soul wrapped up in approx 21 minutes. 
Im currently getting my Live show together and will be doing an EP launch towards the end of August.