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034 Open Mike Eagle: Rapper of The Year

Fingers on Blast: As a Chicago Bears fan, do you think they should keep Cutler? And if not, who do you wanna see playing quarterback next year?

Open Mike Eagle: man i cant even talk about the Bears right now. They opened my chest and shit in my heart sunday. All I can really say is Fuck the Packers.

Fingers on Blast: You had an extremely busy and productive year with a variety of successes, what were the highlights for you?

Open Mike Eagle: Putting out the Sir Rockabye EP. Being on WTF and the WITS show. The Hellfyre Tape. Playing Soundset...man..lots of really cool stuff this year. Really really cool stuff all over the place.

Fingers on Blast: This year, you were a guest on Marc Maron's incredible WTF Podcast, as an extremely clever and funny individual (not to mention a wordsmith), would you ever consider taking a stab at standup comedy or acting?

Open Mike Eagle: im actually producing a variety show with some comedians and rappers this month. Im super excited to do a rap show with that sort of openness and i'll be doing a bit of comedy there but im leaving the stand-up to the professionals. check it out here.

Fingers on Blast: Who were your favorite rappers of 2013?

Open Mike Eagle: Milo, Serengeti, Busdriver, Nocando, Rheteric, Kail, VerBS

Fingers on Blast: Anything you can tell us about that is coming in 2014? Any chance we'll see you touring Canada?

Open Mike Eagle: My album Dark Comedy is coming sometime in spring. I'm working on some Canada plans as we speak as well. In the meantime look out for the Hellfyre Club tour