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033 Whitney Moore: Actor of The Year

Fingers on Blast: What's a typical day in the life of Whitney Moore?

Whitney Moore: My schedule is usually so all over the place it's hard to describe a typical day. On any given day I'm probably catching up on comics, eating pizza, playing Fallout 3, and sleeping, with bursts of shooting and writing peppered in between.

Fingers on Blast: You're obviously a huge music fan, being in so many great videos and being a musician yourself.  What music did you love this year?

Whitney Moore: I am a huge music fan, but I think it would be insulting to real musicians to call myself one. I play the ukulele for myself because it makes me happy and I'm creating, and usually get very shy if prompted to play for people. Maybe that should be a resolution for 2014!
 I discovered a lot of good music that helped me break out my regular rotation of 50's du wop and metal. Haim, Tennis, Fitz and the Tantrums, Band of Skulls are new favorites, and the new Anamanaguchi, Major Lazer, Daft Punk, Childish Gambino, and Beyonce (duh) albums were really good too. I also began exploring EDM music- before I had sort of dismissed it as cheap and easy to manufacture, but I've found some stuff I really like. I got to see the The Bloody Beetroots and Knife Party in concert and they were fantastic. 

Fingers on Blast:Aside from being a talented actor and writer, what else are you passionate about?

Whitney Moore: Comic books- particularly independents. I love seeing new art styles and themes that aren't typically associated with comics- lately I've been reading a lot of stuff from Drawn & Quarterly and Study Group. Playing ukulele. Also the Twilight Zone. Also pizza.

Fingers on Blast: You had a busy and successful year, what were some highlights for you?

Whitney Moore: This year was crazy! A definite highlight was touring the US with Birdemic 2; I met so many amazing people and was continually surprised and thrilled that anything I worked on made people happy. I wrote quite a bit for Nerdist.com, reviewing comic books, interviewing artists, and talking about music I like. I shot three films over the summer that are due to come out this year, which led me to travel to Canada and Louisiana- both of which I loved and need to return to. 

Fingers on Blast:We imagine you have a lot on the horizon for 2014.  Any plans you can let us in on?

Whitney Moore: I have a zombie film called Breakdown Lane due to come out this year, which we shot in Canada. I'm excited about it, it let's me fulfill my long time desire to be a kick ass action hero. Also the comedy I shot, Student Bodies,  comes out,  which is going to be super weird and totally fun. You can also look for me in my friend Max Landis' directorial debut Me Him Her.  And I have another music video with Brandon Dermer coming out this month! If you like pizza as much as I do, you'll dig it.

Whew! Hope that wasn't too long winded. If you think anyone would be interested, here are some links where people can follow my work: