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032 Jake Johnson: Actor and Director of the Year

Fingers on Blast: Growing up what was the first thing that drew you to acting?

Jake Johnson: The second city in Chicago and watching John Belishi & Chris Farley on SNL. I wanted to be like them.

Fingers on Blast: -Starting out with the New Girl did anyone think that you were creating something that would be so loved?

Jake Johnson: With a pilot, you never know. I can say I am beyond thrilled that people have invested in the show. It makes acting so much better when you know people care about the characters.

Fingers on Blast: Coming from the Chicago area, were you familiar with Revolution Breweries prior to making 'Drinking Buddies'?

Jake Johnson: No. I'm more of cocktail drinker than a beer drinker but after doing the movie I am a huge fan of Revolution.

Fingers on Blast: Having studied dramatic writing and sketch comedy in your career helped create an amazing story in 'Drinking Buddies'. Can you describe that process of improvising elements of the film?

Jake Johnson: The entire movie was improvised. We just went off an outline. It was a pleasure workings. Swamberg and I hope to do it again and soon.

Fingers On Blast: What were you listening to in 2013?

Jake Johnson: As always Bob Dylan, Prince, JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, Alan Price and The Eagles.