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031 LIZ: Best New Artist


Fingers on Blast: In the last year were you surprised with how well people responded to your new take on a classic, throwback sound?

Liz: Not really...I think people are craving to groove again rather than being told to pump their fists in the air. I don't necessarily consider my music "throwback," but, there are elements that are definitely reminiscent of the early Y2K era and late 90's. However, I am mixing that vibe with very new school shit. 

Fingers on Blast: What producers and artists from that Y2K era would be your dream collaborators?

Liz: I'd love to do songs with Bone Thugz n Harmony, R. Kelly, and Jermaine Dupri, and write with Kandi and T Boz. I've been writing with JC Chasez from *N Sync which has been a dream because I've always been obsessed with his voice. 

Fingers on Blast: Are the songs always personal, or are some a bit more emotional for you than others?

Liz: Some songs are definitely more emotional than others, however, even when I'm lyrically saying something in a playful way, it's still coming from a raw, real place. Because I wear my heart on my sleeve, every song of mine stems from a place of vulnerability... It just depends on how the track inspires me and what mood I'm in that day and whether I feel like twisting the song into something light and flirty or something more honest and heartfelt. Having creative license and choices are some of the beauties in being an artist.

Fingers on Blast: If you could see the future, what's on the way for LIZ and your fans?

Liz: I'd love to show the listeners or "fans" a different side of me with every release. There are many parts to me and who I am as an artist and I just hope to make an impact with my taste and choices. I want to be the kind of person and artist who leads by example rather than talk about what I'm going to do. I have a whole outline for my career, but, I'm thoroughly enjoying and putting a lot of thought into every step along the way. I just want to be the best that I can be, and share my gifts at the largest scale possible, all the while keeping my integrity and leading my life and career in an honest way.

Fingers on Blast: What music were you really into in 2013?

Liz:I think 2013 was the year of genre blending. I find it to be an exciting time when having an eclectic taste is not only accepted, but encouraged. I used to think I was schizophrenic and confused for being inspired by a lot of types of music, but, I've realized it's brought me to the place I'm at now. That's what attracted me to Mad Decent. Listeners are more and more savvy these days, and there is so much cool shit out there to be discovered. I had the pleasure of working with a lot of budding progressive producers recently who I found out about on soundcloud or at shows, and it makes me pumped to share what I have in store for this year. 

As far as what was on my playlist this year, I really enjoyed the releases by Rhye, AlunaGeorge, Disclosure, Trippy Turtle, Daft Punk, Drake, Kanye, Lorde, MS MR, Ariana Grande, Gesaffelstein, Beyonce, and Justin Bieber. I love Bieber.