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030 Brillz

 Brillz is a super talented and crazy versatile music maker. But that's not all,  he is an originator, an innovator, a workaholic and a positive influence on everything he does.  If you are unfamiliar, we are almost happy for you, because now you get to experience Brillz for the first time.  We had the privelege of asking the man himself a few questions about how things got started, where they might be going, and some other stuff.  We hope you enjoy.

-Where did you start out as a producer?  Were you always on the electronic/hip hop level?

I started out on groove boxes and drum machines, programming beats and synths which I was incorporating into a band I was playing drums in at the time. We had done a few shows with Linkin Park and Machine and other heavier bands when incorporating electronics in hard rock music was super dope.  However, at the same time I was in a street dance crew called LPC and started producing old school electro land "popping" beats for the dance crews videos and performances, so my hip hop inspiration come from that world. 

-What was the first music to draw your attention growing up?  How does that compare to what you're into and creating now?

The first cassette tape I remember being obsessed with was this Beethoven concert played only on the piano. I think I was 6 years old. The other side of the tape was Gershwin. At the same time I was playing video games heavily, on the first Nintendo and Sega system and I think thats where my love for synthesizers started to develop. 

-How cool is it to work with heroes like Z Trip and Craze?  Who else would you like to collaborate with?

It's mind blowing, I internally fan boy out everytime. It's super inspirational cause it forces me to dig deep and push myself. I'd love to work with Mix Master Mike, Skrillex, Kraftwerk, Rza, Noisia, Juicy J, Mr Oizo, Gessafelstein, A-trak. 

-What's a day in the life of Brillz?  How do you find inspiration to get down and put in work?

Right now Im on the road a lot so a typical day is being in the airport, then on a plane, then in a hotel, then going ape shit in a venue full of crazy kids, going back to the hotel and getting ready to do it all over again.  When it comes time to work, on the plane or at the hotel, I put on my headphones and beam myself to the 5th dimension of planet twonk. 

-If you were still taking records to your shows, what would never leave your DJ bag?

I never did that. The first Brillz show was the first time I ever Djed in front of a crowd, it was on October 5th at Dim Mak Studios in LA with Trapaholics and Luminox. 

-Is it a major priority to defy any specific genres or has it happened naturally?

I just do what I do, what sounds good to me, what excites me. If it defies a genre or not is an afterthought. 

- What is TWONK exactly?  Can you give us a rundown for those who may not fully understand yet?

"What is Twonk" is what twonk is. Twonk is a Human Weirdo. 

-What inspires a Brillz remix?  How do you approach the ones you select? The ones sent your way?

I just hear the original and get some inspiration to put a twist on it. Its a feeling. I just load up the stems/parts and just start with whatever piece is calling to me. 

-Would you rather work in the studio or tour?  What are some of your favorite cities to play in?

Those are two different tasks. Studio work is about the music. Touring is about performance. They are both equally enjoyable and amazing. Favorite places to play are in the dirty dirty south. Florida, Texas, ATL. Denver and Seattle go off pretty hard too.  NYC, Philly, and Baltimore are crazy too actually. This is a hard question. 

-What has been the crowning moment for your since moving to Los Angeles and creating some of the songs synonymous with the trap music explosion?

The crowning moment was making my tune "Bueller". That was one of the first few trap tunes I made and was the beginning of my journey into this sound. 

-What have you been listening to, reading and watching lately?

Listening: Gessafelstein : Aleph
Reading : The sourcefield investigations by David Wilcock
Watching : Everything on Gaiam.tv 

-What's on the horizon from Brillz and friends?  Anything you can let us in on?

RETWONKED is coming out soon. Its a remix album for the Twonk record. 10 remixes from my homies and fav producers. Also a new mix tape -Twonk Team Vol 2 is coming out in Dec.  Expect a lot of craziness in 2014. I have a lot planned. I can't share anything else at the moment. 


Thanks so much to Brillz for chatting with us.  Thanks to you for reading.


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twitter @itsbrillz