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029 Nedelle Torrisi

One of the most refreshing and exceptionally talented voices we've heard in a while belongs to the one and only Nedelle Torrisi.  We first heard her a few years back fronting Bay Area band Cryptacize and we were immediate die hard fans of both her beautiful voice and her extra soulful approach to all things music.  Since then, she has released some truly great work, including her brand new self titled album, where she worked with Kenny Gilmore (of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti) to make some heartfelt and genuinely beautiful music that we will definitely never forget.  

Hi! How are things?  What has been keeping you busy lately?

This and that.

What was growing up in a musical family like?  When did you know you had to make music?

It was fun to play music with my family. Really healthy way to grow up. I was always, and still am, a shy attention hog. This weird mixture of reluctance and extroversion. Lol. I need a therapist. I started singing at 3 years old and as a kid performed constantly for whoever would watch. Then I started playing the violin and performing in musicals at age 7 and my parents were supportive, so I never looked back. Until now...

Where do you draw your influence from, musically or otherwise?  What inspires you?

Oh, a lot of things. I love talking to my friends. Reading. Poetry. My cat. I try to listen to a lot of music, though sometimes I don't for long periods of time. There's nothing original about my interests, though my tastes are very specific, haha.

We think this album is an absolute masterpiece, and it sounds like a substantial amount of both ideas and work went into it.  Could you tell us a bit about making it?

Aw, thank you. That's awesome to hear. Well, I spent a lot of time writing the songs, then a couple years making the album. My friend Kenny Gilmore produced the record and played almost all the instruments. There was no rush in making the record, so it was made with a lot of care and attention to detail. It was truly a labor of love! A labor of true love.

 We feel like it plays from start to finish so perfectly, we could enjoy it in almost any situation. What would you say is the ideal circumstance for a first time listener?

With supersonic hi-fidelity technicolor headphones and on mushrooms. Just kidding! I don't know! If anyone listens to it from start to finish that's really awesome. Seems no one does that anymore, including me.

We first became huge fans when we saw you with Cryptacize supporting Fiery Furnaces years ago.  Can you tell us a bit about Cryptacize? We consider the album "Mythomania" a classic that definitely still holds up.

Wow, first 'masterpiece' and now 'classic'! I'm loving this! Cryptacize. Chris Cohen is a great musician. Loved writing songs and playing music together.

You've collaborated recently with Kenny Gilmore (of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti), Nite Jewel & Julia Holter, who we are all huge fans of, how did these come about? Do you prefer to collaborate or create as an individual?

Well I write all the songs, which is the thing I like best out of all the "steps" involved in making music. When it's time to  record, that's like the reward at the end of a long process. I like to try to have fun, and get as many friends involved as possible. I'm just really really lucky that I have some very talented friends.

What's a day in the life of Nedelle Torrisi like?

Oh you know. I just read and play with my cat all day. No, really I have a job like most of the world. Right now I happen to have an awesome one, so I'm happy.

What else are you passionate about?  What have you been reading, listening to, or watching lately?

I need to start a new novel, so if you have any recommendations... Oh! I saw a couple great music documentaries lately- one is called "Marley" directed by Kevin Macdonald, and the other is the making of
"Songs in the Key of Life" from that "Classic Albums" series. You can watch the latter on youtube. Ah, the Greats. And I am doing a love advice column, so if you ever need advice, go to my tumblr page and
drop me a line!



Thank you so much to the great Nedelle Torrisi for taking the time to answer our questions, make sure you hit up these links below and BUY HER NEW ALBUM!

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