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026 Ricky Vaughn


Ricky Vaughn makes some incredible music.  Every style of electronic music is at his finger tips, and if he sounds familiar, there's a few reasons why.  You might remember him as Mr. Vega, a big part of Sazon Booya, and you might have heard some of his remixes of Justin Timberlake's '20/20 Experience'.  We had the opportunity to talk with the Wild Thing himself about the change in name, the music he's been working on, and how he keeps focused in the studio and performing.

Fingers on Blast: Recently you've undergone a name change, from Mr. Vega to Ricky Vaughn.  Is that a reference to the 'Wild Thing' Charlie Sheen character in the Major League movies?


Ricky Vaughn: Yes its definitely a reference to the Charlie Sheen character. The Ricky Vaughn name is an alias I’ve had for about 4 years and now I have the time to dedicate to the brand.


F.O.B.: We've heard a number of rumours about Sazon Booya, mostly regarding a disagreement in Miami this spring.  Did that lead to the name change?


R.V.: That situation was part of the motivation to move forward with the project and name.


F.O.B.: Can you tell us a bit about the state of Sazon Booya these days?  Is it something that you're still involved in?


R.V.: As far as I know Sazon Booya has come to an end. I have no involvement with the project (unless someone starts a cover band) since the end of march 2013.


F.O.B.: Almost as soon as we saw the name Ricky Vaughn appear, there was some amazing music coming with it.  What inspired the remixes from Justin Timberlake's 20/20 experience?


R.V.: Thanks! The inspiration behind the Justin Timberlake remixes was definitely the album itself and Timbaland’s involvement. I've always been a fan of both artists and i feel the project was so well done that i wanted to give it my interpretation as a fan and producer while still keeping the integrity of the original songs.


F.O.B.: Can we expect more of them on the way?


R.V.: I've remixed the entire album so I will be releasing one remix per week until I’ve released them all. Heres the latest one - https://soundcloud.com/rickyvaughnofc/tunnel-vision-ricky-vaughn.


F.O.B.: You're an extremely prolific dj and producer.  How do you keep things moving so quickly?  How many tracks do you usually have on the go at once?


R.V.: Thanks man! I like to challenge myself by producing music I’ve never done before and trying new sounds, Vsts, Software etc to see how much I can do. I love to learn new techinques so I’m always studying and learning. I have a long list of music to make, finish, remix so I’m producing music 5-6 days a week at the moment.


F.O.B.: Do you have any sort of routine or ritual that you go through before hitting the studio or the stage?


R.V.: Before hitting the studio I usually do my social networking rounds (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc) and then I turn my phone on silent and lock myself in the room until I have a decent amount of work done then take a break. Before hitting the stage I like to sit in the green away from everyone to clear my head before I hit the stage, it’s like the calm before the storm in a sense.


F.O.B.: We're curious, as an artist what do you do at the times when you're lacking in inspiration or working on something so tough it becomes frustrating?


R.V.: I never like to force myself to do anything so if I’m lacking inspiration or stuck on something I just completely step away and do something else. I do most of my art, some of my videos now and I produce hip hop music for Otis Clapp, so I’ll turn to one of these things to clear my head and get refocused.


F.O.B.: What are you listening to these days?  Any new artists or classics taking over?


R.V.: I've been listening to the new Tyler album alot, I think he’s turned into a great songwriter and his attitude is something I admire in the sense that he doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks and just makes his music the way he wants. Also I've been listening the Johnny Rain he's an R&B artist from California that has a Drake style approach to his music. New guys i'd say watch out for $yrup, Big Makk, O.M.F, and Jesse Slayter. All incredible inspiring music coming from those guys.


F.O.B.: What has the reaction been to the transformation into Ricky Vaughn?


R.V.: The reactions have been great, I honestly cant complain about them at all. I thank everyone for supporting the music.


F.O.B.: What's next for Ricky Vaughn?  New releases you want to mention?  Tours this summer?


R.V.: For Ricky Vaughn I'm taking it slow, I will have lots of free music every week until my new EP coming in a month. Then another HUGE EP release in the summer with some MAJOR vocalists who are killing the mainstream right now. Touring will definitely happen over the summer. I'm going to give the people time to get familiar with me and my music.

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