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018 Ledoom

Ledoom is an exceptionally dope DJ and producer orignally from San Antonio, Texas.  In celebration of the release of the incredible Moombahton Forever LP we were blessed with the opportunity to ask him a few questions, and here's what he had to say:

-We first caught on to your music with the tunes 'Boink' and
'Tempora'.  How much did we miss prior to that? When did you start
out, and what was your first tune?

Well, I had quite a few tunes that I had made prior to "Tempora &
Boink!" with Bro Safari, but I think those two tracks maybe got a
little more light on them because of the production was different in
terms of what i would say was "normal moombahton" at the time?
I would say the first "tune" was probably an edit i did of Doctor P
"Big Boss" as soon as I heard "Firepower" from Munchi.  I think that
track really changed the course of moombahton and opened it up to the
obviously heavier side of things.

-As a genre defying artist, how often do you find people trying to put
you into a single category?


It's hard to tell sometimes. I think a lot of people either have heard
my stuff and have labeled me as a "Moombahton" artist or some of the
more recent people that have associated with my tracks have probably
classified as more of a "Trap" artist. The one thing I like to try and
do and make songs in what ever genre I am working on at the moment and
just let whatever comes out naturally for the track. Like say for
instance "Tempora" came out and it has considered more of a
"Moombahcore" track but then... just like that... I heard James Blake
"CMYK" and I really liked it and thought it could be a really cool
track if done into a Moombahsoul track with a sort of Uk Funky/ Future
Garage sort of spin on it. That was the hardest thing at first for me
was trying to make this one sound and force it to always be one thing
and then one day I realized what a poor idea that would be as an
artist and that I should let things flow naturally out. So then we go
from "Tempora" to "CMYK" and then move further down the line and then
do something like the remix of "Mercy" which is a dubstep remix and
then "Colors" which was a Moombahton track and then come out with the
remix I did of Frank Ocean's "Pyramids" which is very laid back and
relaxed and atmospheric and sensual I guess in a way. I mean I want to
be able to maintain freedom to make what i am feeling because I think
that is the way anyones best music will ever come out as...

-We know your mind blowing moombahton tracks, and you have some
heavyweight trap too, can we expect any more genres to be included in
your upcoming releases?

Actually I am very excited to talk about this!! This new EP "D A R K N
E S S O V E R E V E R Y T H I N G" I've been working hard on for the
past 4 months or so has so many diff sounds in it. I think it finally
sounds like a collective, cohesive body of work. It has some electro,
some dub step and just a taste of drum & bass. I know this may sound
weird because of the all the past releases but this is something I am
very proud of and wanted it to be a representation of growth and just
a culmination of everything I've done so far. It's def a little darker
but I think has some fun, feel good vibes to it as well.

-You've made some huge remixes, of artists like Frank Ocean and Kanye
West.  How do you select which songs to flip?

Thank you man!! I mean sometimes with songs like those I hear it once
and then immediately hear what I'd like to do with it and then go from
there. Sometimes the process takes a little longer than I would like
to execute but then other times it just flows out so naturally and
thats always a nice feeling when working on music.

-if you were still playing vinyl, what is one record that would never
leave your bag?

Most likely a lot of Noisia haha

-what inspires you to get down to work? where do your ideas come from?

Actually just a lot of day to day stuff man. Things that happen
throughout a day, or being on the road or talking with friends. I try
to take inspiration from everywhere I can. If something isn't there I
wont force it, I will close the project for the day or sometimes a few
days and then work on something else. If an idea pops up I work until
the idea isn't flowing as naturally and then put it away until the
inspiration is back. Sometimes though, it all happens at once and a
track can get done really fast, other times it may much longer.

-what's a day in the life of ledoom?

Usually, that starts with me waking up and heading to the corner store
and getting a sugar free redbull. I'm pretty much addicted to those
damn things to the point where the hardly even work anymore haha.
Usually through out the day I'm responding to emails and messages and
working on music most of the time. I do like to take the time though
and read books on mastering, audio engineering, reading manuals for
synthesizers and plug ins to try and learn them as best as I can. I
aslo spend a lot of time at the grocery store and cooking!!! That is
one thing i abosloutely love to do is cook. Ask anyone that knows

-coming up in san antonio, what were you into growing up? who inspired
you to get into music, who helped you out?

Honestly I grew up playing in bands and really into guitar and metal.
I would sit at home for hours playing guitar learning techniques and
trying to become a "shredder". So much to the point where I would be
at a party, get bored, then go home and play guitar to practice and
get better. That's kind of where I am again but with production. I
feel like such a nerd sometimes haha

I would say someone that inspired me to get into Dj'ing is a friend of
mine "Sonora" he lives in San Antnio also. The first time I met him he
was Dj'ing at a bar I used to bartend and manage a few years ago. The
first night they came and played I was blown away because at the time
he was playing electro and party tunes which I had never heard live
like that before and I was hooked from then.

There has been a lot of people that have helped me out over the past
year or two and I don't want to say to many names or accidentally
forget someone but, someone who has been a really good dude and has
helped out with a lot would be Bro Safari. I've learned some really
great stuff from him and he's just a good dude.

-what are some of your longer term goals with this music? people you'd
like to work with? places or events you'd like to play?

Long term, hmm? I mean there is a lot of things i would like to work
on for the long term. I really would like to get more involved with
the engineering side of things as far as audio and music goes, thats
something I really love doing. There is a lot of music I still want to
experiment with and put out. I would love to be able to go live in
another country for a few months and just live in a studio and work on
a full length album sometime. I think that would be a really awesome

I love working with different artists and collabing is one of my
favorite things about producing because sometimes i get the feeling of
being in a band again, it's nice to work with other people on music
and share ideas and come up with some unique. There are so many
different I would love to work with. Probably way too many to name
hahah but If I had to pick a few, Far Too Loud, Noisia, Feed Me would
probably be the ones.

Something like EDC would be amazing to play or Cream Fields would be
equally awesome.

-any news we should know about? anyone you'd like to shout out?

The ep will be out shortly and more info will be coming about that so
keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter. The most recent and biggest
news is a I just joined Envy Us Talent which is a booking/mgmt company
out in Phoenix AZ ! Super stoked to be on that roster, there is some
really talented artists on there and really happy to be on a team with
Luminoxx, Trap A Holics, Dj Slink (Hug Life) as well as the rest of
the crew involved!!!