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017 Don Rimini

First off, thanks for chatting with us!  We know you have a busy schedule and you've just released an incredible EP called "Fear Of Missing Out". We definitely loved it, can you tell us a bit about it?  You also chose great people for the remixers, how did you decide on that?

It's been long time since I dropped out a new EP. I have to confess, I really focused on my Live Show « A Live Odyssey » last year http://youtu.be/GQT6Xmop7UA. It was really hard to fit that in with any studio work. But finally, the new EP is here. Amen!
I am so proud and pleased to finally share these 3 new tracks. Many people may be pretty surprised because this EP is all about House Music. Recently I really wanted to produce something sexier, while maintaining my own trade mark, keeping it direct and dancey. Naturally…  Going back to samples, doing something cool, sexy and fun. Just for this Ep. Quite selfishly, I mainly produce the music I myself want to hear. Without worrying about any strategies or trends…
Concerning the remix, this Ep is released on Malente's label, No Brainer. I love his sound! So it was logical to take him as remixer… Makes sense really. He worked on it with Treasure Fingers that I also appreciated. The remix sounds so cool!! I am proud to have them on board with me.

Would you rather play out and tour or stay home and produce? Do you find it difficult to find a balance or do you just love it all?

Honestly, I do love both. For different reasons.
I started as a DJ. I still love being one. I still love passionately being on stage behind the turntables or on top of a 4 meter high structure with my live show.
I take my energy from this, from the crowds, from the public screaming, clapping, dancing. I'm always absolutely excited to be on tour. 
Producing is, for me, something very personal. I feel easy, in my own little world, totally free, driving my sound, experiencing synths, fx, moods. Creating is always a positive challenge. I am very slow and conscientious in the creative process. Therefore, it's always pretty hard to find the time to produce while touring. Passion is my keyword and believe me the fire is more than ever burning!!!

What's it like at home in France?  How do you relax? What's a day in the life of Don Rimini?

I live in an old renaissance castle, with dungeons, horses and a golf practice... Aahah
No, more seriously, I just moved in a new place. I now live in a real nice duplex. A typical "Hausmanian style" parisian appartement. The top floor is consacrated to my studio. Just under the roof. 
I live downstairs. To be honest, I'm a true workaholic. For that reason, I spend the most of my time upstairs. 
In order to start progressively, I always start by listening to some music, some new stuff, while seeking the news on internet or Tv. Then I work on tracks, remixes, edits... These last time I tried to work during usual office hours. Wow, it is so hard for me! I am so accustomed to produce all night long, till the sunrise. I love that. It's a true luxury to work at any time of the day you want. I'm absolutely aware about that. 
And during the week end, I am running from trains stations to airports, hotels, clubs, stages, continental breakfasts, ... busines as usual aahaah...

Your live show is massive, between the stage setup, the visuals, and the extra effort you put into live mixing.  How important is it to set yourself apart nowadays, and how do you think you are different from all of these other djs?

This is exactly why it took so much time to pass from Dj to a live show!
Many people were asking me for a live show. But I was unable to find an idea exciting enough to go on it. I wasn't really keen to propose a laptop live or be helped by musicians. It doesnt makes any sense with my music. The adventure started when I fell (randomly) on an awesome controler. It's a kind of giant Ipad that allows me to control every element, sequence, effect and video. It was exactly the machine I was searching for. Then I worked with the DartS crew, a fantastic team of stage designers. We discussed a lot about the universe, the concept. The goal was to bring something really massive, fresh and new. I had a real desire to propose a simple but massive stage concept. There is a notion of elegance but also of power, of efficiency. We wanted smash up the crowd, to dress up the space in innovative and futuristic way, like the controller. It is probably a great megalomaniac trip. Dominating the crowd. ahahah. It's just for fun you know.

Do you enjoy collaborating on projects or would you rather work alone?  Can you let us in on what inspires you creatively to get down and put in work?  Where does the magic come from?

It comes from the fun! ahahah. The fun leads my steps.
Actually, I like both. From my experience, it's better to start and finish tracks alone. When everything is crystal-clear in your mind, you know exactly what you should do. It's definitively the best way to produce at 2. However, sometimes, in the creative process something is missing and you are unable to find the key. Or you receive a draft from your partner, you got an ultimate great feeling from it, you straight finish it. So, comparing a work to a partner can sometimes be a great salvation. 
Humm, Everything around me can inspire me. Obviously the music, it also can be movies I watch, situation on the street, a press article, a fun moment in a club, someone dancing, someone drunk, someone sick… Ahahahh…

With the recent boom in popularity of electronic music, where do you think it's headed?  What do you have planned for the future?

Hum, hard to say. So many styles are popping up these times. From Trap Music to Uk Funky, Dubstep sub genres. To be honest I am quite bored with violent and ultra-distorted sounds, the over-noisy tracks. It was fun at the beginning, 4 years ago, but honestly now it makes me feel sick. The multiplication of copycat producers kills the nice trends. I hope less of violence, less of testosterone in the music. Please make the electronic music sexier. I confess, these times, I am into Jackin House & Techno stuff. Tracks that makes dancing with the legs, with the body instead of fist pumping... ahahah. So here is probably my way. I also fell in love with projects like Disclosure, Julio Bashmore or Club Cheval. things that sound very british, very deep in the mood, deep in the basses. I'm very pleased that the trend goes in that kind of music. 

Assuming you still played vinyl, what's a record that would never leave your bag?

It would be a truly timeless track. An epic, melodic, full of emotion tune. I would say World 2 World - Amazon, on the legendary Underground Resistance label.

You've already had an illustrious career in music, what are some of your favourite tunes you've released, cities you've played, people you've met and had the chance to work with?

My fav tune is always the next one. Aaahah. I love all of my tracks. Ok most of them… ahahah. If I have to choose one, maybe « Riminology » that ages pretty well through the years 
A city??? Ok, Mexico is really mental. It was always crazy when I Dj there. I got so many awesome memories from there. But Belgium is the place to be. People are so friendly, hearty, open-minded about music. The hotest crowds in Europe. No doubt!

Thanks so much for your time, we are huge fans of yours, is there anyone you'd like to shout out or let us know about?

Shout out my neighbours! They didn't call the police to stop the party !