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016 Nick Sinna

Nick Sinna is a busy and multi talented guy from Manchester.  He started with hip hop, which led to drum and bass, which has now led to a whole bunch of other great things.  We had a quick chat with Nick and learn some pretty cool things, here's what he had to say...

-how are things going?  what have you been up to lately?

Great thanks, I'm on holidays right now so enjoying my time off and getting down to making some music.

-You got into music through hip hop, do you remember the first album you bought?

Well the first hip-hop album I bought i think was It Takes A Nation Of Millions by Public Enemy... on cassette! The first Lp I bought on vinyl was BDP Criminal Minded.

-what's a day in the life of nick sinna like?

Well I have a day job which is at a school. I support and mentor kids, it's kinda like being a councillor in some ways. It's my job to make their day go as smoothly as possible, without any drama! Then I'll go home and relax and if I have the time, get in the studio.

-what inspires you to create?

It could be anything really. I enjoy spending time in my studio so it's never a chore. I also find when I hear music that grabs my attention..and that could be any kind of music, that gets me going too.

-what is your favourite thing about what you do for a living?

Well like I said, I work with kids and a lot of the time these kids find it hard to get through a day, whether that be because of problems at home, difficulties personally or even pschological/physiological reasons. It's cool to be able to make a positive impact on someone's life.

-As a producer with the ability to make all kinds of music, do you have a favourite? How do you decide what you're making?

Ha, not sure if I'm capable of making all kinds of music just yet, but I'd like to think I have it in me!

Musically I really couldn't decide what my favourite is as such. I find music is suited to occasions, so I listen to it in that way. Of course, I'm making electronic music and I always feel like that's the music I want to sit down and create when I'm in the studio.

As far as deciding what to make, I don't really. Sometimes I try but then I feel it just doesn't come out as creative, which to me is what's fun about making music.

-You've released some incredible music on Prime Numbers, how did that come about? 

Thank you! Well I've  known Trus'me for a few years now and we're good friends. I started making music a couple of years ago and he liked the direction my production was going so it just happened naturally.

-You use the MPC 60 as a big part of your production.  Can you let us in on your process?

Well it's no secret ! It's more or less the same way hip hop heads have been doing it since the MPC was released. Some sampling, some keyboards, drum machines and FX and away you go!  Also a thing called a Sync Lock, which keeps all you're old midi stuff and analog gear in time to your DAW..couldn't live without it!

-if you weren't a musician what else would you be doing?

I guess what I do day to day or possibly some kind of entrepreneur, I'm not giving you my ideas though!

-do you have any shows or releases coming up?  anything we need to know?

At the moment I'm working on music so I like spending my free time in the studio. I have some more stuff in the pipeline for PN and also some other labels too.

 I love dj'ing whenever I can and my next gig is pretty cool, I can't spill the beans just yet but certainly keep your eyes and ears peeled!

-anyone you'd like to shout out?

Yeah, firstly PN and Trus'me. James T Cotton and Conforce, who have both just done an amazing job in remixing 'Voyager' and 'Real Time', which is due on PN in September. Also, all the people who have supported and bought my music :)