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015 Tittsworth

First of all, thanks so much for talking the time to answer these!  Of course you must be incredibly busy with touring, running a label, part-owning a club, producing, getting tattoos, eating exotic fare and visiting flea markets…what else has been happening lately? 

I've moved to LA, eat the equivalent of noah's arc and am quickly losing tattoo real estate!  All in all no complaints and happy to stay busy in the studio and on the road ;-) between Hardfest, halloween and everything, im looking forward to this lil thanksgiving "break" 

In 2006 you started T & A records with the also incredible DJ Ayres, what gave you the idea to start your own imprint? and also thank you for doing so, you've put out a lot of really great music!  Is there anything coming soon we should know about?

What initially started T&A was Ayres and I each accidentally and independently working on a record concept not knowing the other had the the same idea.  We compared notes, really clicked and then decided to keep it moving.  That record would become T&A breaks, the last release on Ammo (Atrak's battle record label) and then we would later go on to be a noteable bootleg label who would eventually go legitimate and put out the earliest Tittsworth, Ayres, Dave Nada, Munchi, Baltimore club and moombahton records for starters. Really excited for upcoming T&A!  There's a massive moombahton comp coming out with some heavy hitters, some great music from Smalltown djs, Grandtheft, Steve Starks, Ackeejuice Rockers and many more.  Proud to see our label extend itself beyond its bootleg roots (tho clearly not too big for those britches)

Your album 12 steps came out a few years ago, do you have any plans to make a second LP?

I'd love the opportunity but realistically speaking think that i need to be putting out some singles before i take the time to do that.  And they're on the way :) also i drink so there's another obligation huh! 

As someone who seems to almost constantly be touring, where is the craziest place you've played?  what are your favourites? 

Because of my interest in the culture, almost any city in Japan is a lotta fun for me.  Sao Paulo has a soft spot in my heart, as does anyplace where i can speak my mom's native language (Chinese) on the mic (and be understood).  Truth be told, sometimes the craziest places are the least expected!  Shoutout to Portland (tho somewhat expected) and Malmo (first city to take me over an ocean to play and boy did that pop), Chinese Laundry Sydney, Hifi Calgary and of course DC. 

Do you prefer to produce in your own studio or work on the road, or does it matter?  can you make music anytime or do you wait for inspiration?    

I have a studio routine that i enjoy and get the most out of but learned a long time ago you gotta adapt.  I made a song that Q-tip and Theo would later rap on in an airport in a couple hours.   

What's a typical day in the life of Tittsworth, if there is such a thing?

road life:  What am i gonna eat?  what zoo or aquarium will i break into, soy sauce in hand?  What body part am i gonna tattoo and of what level of ridiculousness?  Reminding myself to not drink too much, try to get a nap and check a lil email before trying not to have TOO much fun while djing.  That's a lot of "trying." *experience might vary depending on circumstance* 
home life: Try to get up "early" and grind some fresh juices w/ a shot of E3 (shoutout to Nate Day).  Do my sit-up's and push-up's on some prison ish and try to squeeze in my TM on my nu age ish.  knock out several hours of studio and/or email/conference calls then walk to the grocery store for stuff to cook enough for lunch and a light dinner then go back to music and/or biz.  *experience might vary depending on circumstance*
wildcard: Get up for some random task like trying to find a rear site for a 44 magnum, end up at a flea market, run into an old friend which turns into a dive bar which turns into a loft party which turns into me cooking for half a dozen people near sunrise.  Possibly wake up with a tattoo and/or a fucked up kitchen. 

In 2010 you helped open U Street Music Hall, a music venue in Washington DC that pretty much everyone who's been to or played seems to fall in love with.  we've seen dozens of artists on twitter cite it as their favourite venue to play, and it just recently came #2 in America for its sound system.  what got you involved, and what do you love about it? 

I was on tour in australia taking in all the little bits of various clubs i liked and got kinda bummed that a similar one didn't exist in DC.  I then realized that the team to change that started to come into vision. 

You seem to have a ton of different interests, both musically, professionally and otherwise, would you say switching it up is the key to your success?  one thing your fans can definitely appreciate is that you keep us guessing, and we are always looking forward to what you come up with next.  do you get bored easily or do you just enjoy dabbling in a bit of everything? 

Nostalgia can be dangerous if you get too comfortable, but switching sounds too often/haphazardly to chase trends can swallow your identity.  I wanna be excited about new sounds but want to make sure that at the end of the day it still feels like me (and still will in a few months). 

As a native of Washington, DC, are you a redskins fan?  do you think RGIII can take them to the playoffs?

Ha, at one point i was really into the NFL before music swallowed me.  I did however own a Raider's starter jacket (the trench cuz it was cheaper-- and my mom is asian) and been known to rock a Bullets jersey.  Bullets and Redskins-- i miss it when DC has non PC team names. No disrespect to the nationals. 

What is one record that would never leave your crate, pretending for a minute that you still took crates of records to your gigs with you?

I kinda feel like the contemporary equivalent would be to ask a touring dj what's the first song listed in their serato, or maybe the song that has lasted in their ipod the longest.  Jinder's Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch Remix) has outlasted any dubstep song in any of my crates and is one of the only dubstep songs in my itunes/serato.  Dilla, The Pixies and Radioslave are probably among the earlier memories of my itunes (tho i was late to that game).  Semi side note, Goldie's inner city life is the first tune i ever played at Uhall (well before soft opening day) and one of my favorite vinyl records of all time.  I had a (non) ex girl friend give me an original copy of Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" which I still have framed. 

Is there anything coming up that everyone needs to know about?  according to your website you have been in the studio with some pretty incredible artists, is there anything you can tell us about that?

I've finished a song w/ Qtip, Theophilus London and Alison Carney.  It's a fun lil slowed club tune turned house inspired RNB.  Laidback Luke has remixed it, along w/ Nadastrom and AC Slater.  As for the release?  You'll have to ask Plant about that, i'd love to know myself.
I have a contract that arrived in my inbox today from Mixmash, Laidback Luke's label w/ recent interest from Dim Mak.  I've been working with Steve Starks, Valentino Khan, Torro Torro, Ninjasonik, Willy Joy and Des & Rez.  I'd love to find more uptempo rappers to be honest and have recently connected with and might collab with Big Mak, Nick Thayer, 2edit and Phat Deuce. 

Thanks so much for your time, please don't hesitate to let usknow if we can return the favour!  we would be happy to paint you something for your house!  Is there anyone you'd like to shout out?

That'd be awesome man!  Shoutout to all the folks that make my job/passion possible :) love yall, from DC to LA and otherwise :)