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012 Figure

Josh Gard aka Figure is a monster.  Well, not really, but he is definitely a heavy hitter when it comes to all things bass.  In the midst of his incredible busy schedule he managed to answer a few questions we had for him, read em here and get a free download below!

A lot of what you do seems to be inspired by movies, specifically horror films. Do you
remember when you discovered the intersection between music and film? Are there specific
movies that inspire what music you create as Figure?

I suppose I'm inspired by the story board as much at the setting and sound a film creates. Don't
get me wrong. I'm a huge horror freak, but it's not like I sit down after a movie and start writing.
Think if I did it would sound like a gimmick. Usually just hanging out when my ear latches on to
something and imagination takes it from there. Could be a sound effect in a horror scene or a
old comic book I'm flipping through... or a noise my fridge made. I never know when it's going to
strike and can't control when and if it does. It may be a Tuesday in May or at the airport waiting
for boarding, so I save the Monsters over time and bring them out just for Halloween. I work on
so many different styles and sounds.. I'm not just the "monster" guy. But during Halloween, it's
safe to pull out that costume and go all out.

You've worked with an incredible list of collaborators, anyone in the know can instantly
recognize the amazing productions that have resulted. Do you have any good stories from
any of those sessions? Any collabs coming up or that you hope to do someday?

I've been so blessed. I'm learning so much by working with different people. Working
with Tommy on the "Pounds of Blood" track was amazing. It was the first time producing
a "drumstep" arrangement using real live drums (for me). Matching my digital signature with
the live acoustics of his drum kit without overpowering things was a challenge, but Tommy is
such a bad ass musician that we got it right. There's also a track that people from the show have
been calling "Indian" that I'm working on with Del the Funky Homosapian. He's been one of my
idols for a while, so still have to sit back sometimes and go "holy shit." People that have heard
pieces at shows ask about it weekly, but work being done to it is sounding like nothing either
of us have heard before... the wait will be worth it. Song's will be done when the song's done.
There are a couple other ones in the works that I don't want to spoil, but I think they are a fresh
and I hope the culture enjoys the effort. I'm excited about it.

It's no mystery that you have a different relationship with your fans than a lot of artists,
one that the fans truly appreciate. What makes you take such a different and involved

"Fan" is such a dated word now. This is a new age where we all interact.. we see each other
more than the old days of the hidden producer behind some vinyl. I'd say everyone is more
on the same level now. I just happen to be on stage at times. Basically, it's the access that has
changed everything for me. Once I started traveling and meeting the names in person - taking
shots and trading stories - I knew we were all one in the same. They're more inspiring than any
films I've seen.

Figure - The Corpse Grinders (Original Mix) - Free from Monsters Vol 3 by Figure

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Volume 3 is a 15-track collection of originals including collabs with Tommy Lee and BAREs well as remixes from the likes of J. Rabbit, Oscillator Z, Alex Sin, Phrenik, and Dr. Ozi.

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