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008 Chrissy Murderbot

Chris Shively is a super dj and producer also known as Chrissy Murderbot.  A Chicago-based DJ/producer you can find toying with booty-rave-jungle-house-bass-bashment-ghetto-garage-core and more. Chrissy Murderbot is the man behind the forward-thinking dance label Sleazetone Records, as well as the now-legendary jungle label Dead Homies Recordings and the new booty music label Loose Squares. Additionally, he runs the mixtape blog My Year of Mixtapes.

chris e. pants - Doggy Style / Pass It Around [September 10 on Sleazetone] by chrissymurderbot

Recently he began releasing some dark and funked out disco under the name Chris E Pants, and we figured we should exchange some words and see what else exactly we could discover about this talented and prolific music maker.  Enjoy:


what's a day in the life of chrissy murderbot like? working on music, eating, playing with my dog, working on music some more, occasionally leaving the house to see a movie or something. I end up at a lot of parties as well, obviously...

what inspires you to be creative and work?  can you walk us through your process?  
Everything! Sometimes I will get an idea for a song or something, and it just kinda comes to me and then I rush home and it's already written in my head so I just build it in the computer. Other times I will have a seed of an idea and start working on it, and the process of making it is what really fleshes it out.

what is your favourite thing about what you do for a living? what would you be doing if you weren't a musician?

I love everything about what I do. This is the absolute best way to live, and I can't begin to imagine what I would do if it weren't for music.

could you tell us about this new release, and the alter ego chris e. pants?
I really love disco, and slow, slutty house, so this is my new side-project to kind of explore that side of things. This is the first release, and I am really happy with it...hopefully some other people agree!

would you rather tour or work in the studio? what have you been some of your most memorable jobs?
I love touring, and I love writing tunes in the studio...sometimes I will go through a phase of only wanting to tour, or of only wanting to write tracks, and if I am lucky those sync up with my actual schedule in a way that facilitates me doing what I feel like doing when I feel like doing it. But truth be told I absolutely love both and couldn't imagine my life without either.

what are your favourites from your own catalog?  if someone is new to your music, where should they start?
I think "Women's Studies" is a strong record. This new "Friendship" EP is a fave of mine, and I am very fond of the new chris e. pants record. I'd probably also direct people to some of my remix work...

which artists out there you'd like to collaborate with?
Javeon McCarthy, Spoek Mathambo, Jessie Ware, Lady Miss Kier, George Michael, R. Kelly, Jocelyn Brown, Crystal Waters, plenty of people!

do you have any other shows or releases coming up?  anything we need to know?

Lots of stuff! for gigs you can check my website, www.murderbot.com. As far as upcoming releases, I have a bunch of remixes I've done that should be coming out soon...for Mark Stewart, Pixelord, Star Slinger & Teki Latex, all over the place. And an EP of Chrissy Murderbot stuff coming out on Murder Channel. Exciting!