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005 Moonbootica

These guys make incredible music.  Perfect for the summertime, they make uptempo soulful house music with a disco influence, along with almost everything else.  Read what we had to say about their LP "Our Disco Is Louder Than Yours"  and email us at fingersonblast at and you could win a copy of the album! No foolin! Check the interview below to learn a bit more about these two great musicians, and hit the links after that for even more!


Fingers on Blast: Can you tell us how it all got started?  What made you want to make music in the first place?
Moonbootica: actually we started by accident. our first gig just happened because we stepped in for somebody.... it was a lot of fun, so we decided: this is it. this is what we want to do!. so we did....

Fingers on Blast: What is your favourite thing about what you do for a living?
Moonbootica: being your own boss is unbeatable. and the fact that we' re constantly make people happy with our work. and the free alcohol.

Fingers on Blast: What's your process when it comes to making music?  Do you have a formula or can it come from anywhere?
Moonbootica: it all starts with a certain inspiration but that can come from everywhere. a mood, a sample idea, it can be the weirdest thing, you know it when it's there.

Fingers on Blast: Can you let us in on a day in the life of Moonbootica?
Moonbootica: first thing: turn on the espresso machine. this damn thing is italien and takes a least 30 minutes to get the right temperature. after exessive use of that machine i go the studio and work till its time for dinner.then i take a bath and go straight to bed....
thoose are the simple, the good days. the weekends are totally different because we' re always travelling. djing is great but the travelling can be a bitch. we spent so many hours on airports and in airplanes, its ridicolous....

Fingers on Blast: How would you say Moonbootica is different than the rest?
Moonbootica: people say we have a very special sound, production and dj wise. others say we' re just handsome....

Fingers on Blast: Who are your favourites to listen to? Who would you still like to work with?
Moonbootica: there so many artist who actually inspire us not only in electronic music. staying open minded is a matter of attitude we put much effort in. it's essential for us. for our progress and our feeling. in this minute i am deeply in love with the new bobby womack album... 

Fingers on Blast: You've got the album 'Our Disco is Louder Than Yours' that came out in May, and a few hand full of recent remixes, are there any other releases we should be letting people know about?
Moonbootica: the next single "bounce with me" comes soon with some great remixes, also some collaborations with reset! and tai. and of course remixes we did, for example the new dirty disco youth single on dim mak is coming soon....

Fingers on Blast: What inspires you on a daily basis?
Moonbootica: literally everything: the beauty in things, the courage of people. music, food, everything that touches....

Fingers on Blast: Any tour dates coming up? 
Moonbootica: sure, lots of them. please check our website:

Fingers on Blast: Anyone you'd like to shout out?
Moonbootica: to everybody reading this: do the right thing & keep on dancing....