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004 Lucie Tic

Lucie Tic is a Toronto dj.  After relocating from Vancouver she's gradually become a vital part of Toronto's music scene.  She's a big part of the popular moombahton event 'Slowed', has dj'd at Moombahton Massive at U Street Music Hall in DC and has even contributed a mix to our series (# 29).  You can find Lucie djing all over Toronto, at venues like Wrongbar, the Drake, and even the highly unique SPiN Toronto.  She took some time out of her hectic schedule to catch up with us!

Fingers on Blast: What's new? what have you been working on? what have you been listening to?

Lucie Tic: I've got some community based collaborative projects in the works; SPACE JAM and NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH.  Working on tunes and trying to figure out this APC 40.  I had the honour of having my first tune SHIT BIRD remixed by the one and only Altered Natives from EYE4EYE Recordings in the UK. Plus its SUMMERTIME LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Fingers on Blast: You've been a dj for a while now, from the days when digging for records wasn't an option. There's something about digging, when you find that record you thought you'd never come across.  Do you remember some of your best finds?

Lucie Tic: I've never been a big digger, the music finds me man....HA just kidding. I was really happy when I got Maestro's Let Your Backbone Slide as It was my first tape ever bought.

Fingers on Blast: Your soundcloud has a track called 'moombahlicker' that's some sweet moombahton flipping a sample of Aphex Twin's classic track 'Windowlicker'.  It's listed as a work in progress, did it ever get finished?

Lucie Tic: Thanks! Yeah it's getting mastered as we speak. Will be giving it away soon so look out for it.

Fingers on Blast
: When did you first discover moombahton?

Lucie Tic: Well Dave Nada's been a homie for a while now, so I heard the sneak peeks. Hearing Uproot Andy play some at an UNDERDOG event really sealed the deal.

Fingers on Blast: Can you tell us a bit about Slowed, and how you and Torro Torro got it started?

Lucie Tic: Like Moombahton it just kind of happened. Allicia from Le Dew It and Yo Ev really got things started at Blondies almost two years ago. Evan and I have been playing together in the city for a while so it all made sense. After moving locations to accommodate growth a few times Wrongbar is our new home.

Fingers on Blast: You've had some amazing guest djs for Slowed. Anyone you were especially excited to see? Or anyone you would really like to book in the future?

Lucie Tic: Yeah! Always exciting to have Nadastrom and the DC fam like Billy the Gent. Hoping to get the rest of the DC crew down soon like Sabo, Willy Joy, Jon Kwest, Thomas Blondet, Starks and Nacey, Tittsworth etc. Dillon Frances' first Toronto gig was dope. Working on some big room acts to drop a set they don't usually get to play. PUMPED to have Bro Safari and Baauer July 7th at Wrongbar.

Fingers on Blast: Is there anything you can let us know about future Slowed events?  Any big artists on their way to Toronto?

Lucie Tic: There are some HUGE artists on the way but can't say just yet. Throwing a group Moombahton beach party on Toronto Island this summer called Playa Pachanga. Expect to see some Slowed Presents offshoot parties in the fall too.

Fingers on Blast: In the course of djing has there been anyone you've met that really inspired you? Anyone that made you nervous to meet them?

Lucie Tic: Almost everyone inspires me. Annie Mac and all the DJs that play multi genre really do it for me. A Tribe Called Red from Ottawa are always outstanding and blowing up right now. Prince is pretty much the only artist that would make me nervous to meet. We're all just music nerds trying to make shit happen and everyone is usually super down to earth.

Fingers on Blast: Is there a mystery dream project that you're secretly working towards that you can let us in on?

Lucie Tic: I guess just working towards a live set that may include vocals. I believe the future of DJing will be incorporating instrumentals, acapellas and tunes with live drums, chords and such. We'll be doing something special with the Neighbourhood Watch releases that might facilitate this growth.

Fingers on Blast: In April you played the Moombahton Massive # XIV at U Street Music Hall in Washington DC.  Can you tell us a bit about that?

Lucie Tic: Man, that was a really good time. U Hall is one of the best clubs in America and an honour to play. The crowd was super educated and enthusiastic, there were 400 people by 10pm! I've played tons of sets with varying levels of response but DC showed me the most love yet. Really can't wait to go back....

Fingers on Blast: Is there anyone you want to shout out?

Lucie Tic: Galapagos, Underdog, Bassmentality, Dos Mundos, Ambalance and the dancing cross walk lady on Dufferin Street.