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002 Self Jupiter

'Come fly the friendly skies of the Freestyle Fellowship'

Self Jupiter is part of the legendary group from Los Angeles, California.  The critically acclaimed heroes released their first album 'To Whom It May Concern' in 1991, and their most recent 'The Promise' in 2011.  Jupiter is part of a rich hip hop community with countless artists, and innovative outlets like the Goodlife and Project Blowed.  It's a rare occasion for us to have the chance to talk with someone who has such an incredible influence on hip hop. 

Fingers on Blast: What's your first memory of music?
Self Jupiter: um ok, grandpops and uncles playing jazz, in their band downstairs in the basement. My grandaddy cursing at my uncles for fucking up the songs. My gpops was a jazzman who played with Duke Ellington back in the day. William "Poppa" Stubbs played like 8 instruments. May he rest peace! Thanks Pops!   

Fingers on Blast: How did you get started as a musician?
Self Jupiter: Well I always had it around me growing up. When I met up with Aceyalone or then just Eddie then. When I heard friends who were doing something we only heard on the radio...shoot, I began to think that i could do dat too. So I became..

Fingers on Blast: Have you got any new projects being released?
Self Jupiter: The Kleenerz EP with producer Kenny Segal available on Hellfyre Club/Alphapup, Voila Entertainment july 31, 2012..

Fingers on Blast: Anything new in the works at the moment?
Self Jupiter: The first single "Filthy" from of the Kleenerz EP was released 6/11/12. the animated video will be debut the following week!

Fingers on Blast: Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? What's a day in the life of Self Jupiter like?
Self Jupiter: I like reading books and watching movies. I love strange dialogues between two people from a writer's stand point. It shows me that a certain timing and cadence is needed to fully pull the audience "you" into a predetermined space in time. Really interesting and powerful tool. I relish in the idea manipulation, hence the book "Art of sudduction"

Fingers on Blast
: The Freestyle Fellowship released the Promise in October of last year, and it's incredible. Can you tell us a bit about how you got started with the group?
Self Jupiter: I met Acey back in 5th grade "Charnock road" in west LA. We were bussed there of course, being from South central. I stayed right across the street from Acey I was 4808, he was 4911 august st. so I used to go hang out in his building alot. The MC Aces which was Mikah 9 or Microphone Mic and T Spoon. That was my boy. Tspoon was Ill. I actually preferred a Tspoon's approach to expression than say Microphone Mic and Acey for some reason. Tspoon was just hella off. like, not common. Strange but fresh! Fool had a cold, eerie, deep voice too. But in essence, Tspoon, Acey and Mykah were way ahead of their time even back then. So, I was creating my becoming just by default really. Found out that rapping matched my personality. I'm a show off! Period! Look what I got.. Haha.. I'm still a bit childish!

Fingers on Blast: The Fellowship is incredibly influential, was there a point that you could tell that this music was really inspiring people all over?
Self Jupiter: Yep,.

Fingers on Blast: There are people who have adopted Fellowship styles, and taken credit. Even recently, some mcs claim to have invented styles such as the chop. How did the group react when that started happening?
Self Jupiter: Nothing really. It's good to know what people are doing. Whether they're getting inspiration from us or whomever, its cool. However, just gonna quote Jayo felony " i can give it to but what cha gone do wit it". Haha no but seriously, never really worried about any of that cause there are exactly 1, 564,987,092 styles left. Pick one and keep it moving..

Fingers on Blast
: What do you think about the new generation of mc's? What have you been listening to lately?
Self Jupiter: I like listening to Nocando, Mike Eagle, coupla of fools from Odd Future. Acid Reign , Subtitle, Alphamc, Joaquin Daniels, Aloe Blacc, Dizaster, Satyre, Sub Ren, Mr Cr, Dumbfounded, Sloppy2econds.

Fingers on Blast: If you could collaborate with any living artist, hip hop or otherwise; who would you choose?
Self Jupiter: Rakim of course, Dan the automator, Kool G Rap, Chuck D, Kool Keith, Jill Scott, Portishead, Ozomatli, Stevie Wonder, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Prince Paul, Slick Rick, Pharoahe, Monche, MobbDeep, Alchemist, Madlib, Chali 2na, Redman, Stanley Turrentine, R Kelly, Aretha Franklin, Goodie Mobb.

Fingers on Blast: What are your favorite songs or albums from your own catalogue?
Self Jupiter: Shockadoom, iT, Youre Lost, Lolita, The Kleenerz: Nasty, City Lights, Big Mess, Best Rapper in the World, Heathen, Life Doesn't Get no Better Than This, Dont Try This at Home, HARD HAT AREA, It Was on This Night, Encouraging Quotes, BURGUNDY FATTS, Rainy Days, Unsatisfied, songs on my soundcloud basically..

Fingers on Blast: In this This is the Life Myka 9 refers to you as an "entity", meaning if you and him were to battle a real judge could never call a victor. Who else do you consider an entity?
Self Jupiter: Mykah9, Aceyalone, Peace. Tspoon

Fingers on Blast: The Fellowship puts on an incredible live show, are there any plans of a tour after releasing The Promise?
Self Jupiter:  yes! we have a show on August 16th at LA county museum and in San francisco July 26th..

Fingers on Blast: In 2012 with digital technology making music production and distribution a lot easier than when you started out, what drives you to keep making dope hip hop?
Self Jupiter: Life experiences is definitely a motivating factor. A sense of humor, sarcasm! To laugh out loud and say "listen to what i was thinking".  Usually you have to put it in a way thats digestable, at least thats my formula.

Fingers on Blast: Can you tell us a bit about where your name came from, and what Self Jupiter means?
Self Jupiter: Comes from the heavens. Name is what you make it. My new name is Jupracobrah!!!

Fingers on Blast: Thanks for talking with us, is there anyone that you'd like to shout out?
Self Jupiter: I'd like to thank The Kleenrz!!! Kenny Segal, Max Ma, Kevin Beacham, Adam Stanzak, Fifth Element RSE, Nocando, Mike Eagle, Hellfyre Club, Alphapup, Daddy Kev, Murs, Subtitle, Gahja, AlphaMc, Volume 10, TFU studios, James Reitano @ Overture, Tara Mulsky @ Voila Entertainment.

the Kleenrz - Filthy ft. Fanny Franklin by Hellfyre Club