81 The New Sins

 Saddle up for a high energy mix of upbeat, soulful greatness hand selected by the mega talent known as The New Sins. The 81st mixtape in our series, you won't believe the madness she has in store. Make sure you keep a close eye on this woman, she's doing great things.

1. Tame Impala - Let it Happen (Soulwax remix)
2. Mim Sulieman - Mingi
3. West Phillips - I'm Just a Sucker for a Pretty Face
4. Kane West - Mexicans
5. Alex Metric feat. The New Sins - Drum Machine
6. Georgia - Move Systems
7. Cowboy Rhythmbox - Latin Sex Change
8. Tom Furse - Run To Me (Part 4)
9. Punkin' Machine - Need You Tonight
10. Fatima Yamaha - What's a Girl To Do (Original mix)

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80 City Kid Soul


Toronto duo City Kid Soul are in the mix for the 80th edition of Fingers on Blast!  The classic house with a healthy dose of weirdness makes for an energizing, exciting listen.  Take in those good vibes and check out more City Kid Soul here!




1. Ehru (Yo Wassup) - City Kid Soul
2. Bad Girl - Dozens
3. Gonna Be - Marc Spence
4. Shaky - Sacha Robotti & ZDS
5. Q & A - Kevin Knapp & Mat.Joe
6. Dancing (Again!) - Tiga & Audion (Eats Everything Remix)
7. Baby - Man Without A Clue
8. Zesty Nachos - Landis LaPace
9. I Eat Beats (Ardalan Remix) - Billy Kenny
10. Frst & Frmst - Roska
11. Rockets - City Kid Soul