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Moksi, Chace & Yade Lauren: 'Lucky'

The Barong Family label has been releasing a steady series of incredible music this summer.  The latest of which is 'Lucky', and it lands in undefined territory in the electronic music landscape.  It'll be on Connections by Moksi when it's released, and it features Chace and the unbelievable voice of Yade Lauren.  She started her career when her sister uploaded a video of Yade singing onto Facebook.  Before long Yellow Claw saw the video, and now that they've launched their own label they've led the Barong Family to continually deliver brilliant music. 

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Lil Debbie: XXIII

Lil Debbie's career as a rapper has followed many chapters, and a few of those can be identified by different collaborators.  With her new release XXIII out on Barong Family, and a track with label founders Yellow Claw and fellow rapper Juicy J, it's time to acknowledge Lil Debbie for the creative force that she is.  XXIII is an adventurous endeavour, teaming with producers like Cesqueax, Moksi, The Galaxy, Yung Felix, and then with Yellow Claw and FS Green on the bonus track 'All My Bitches'.  Lil Debbie has always expressed major confidence in her lyrics, and a track like 'Today' takes that to a new level.  That element of her music should come as no surprise to those who've heard the story of how she got where she is today.  Few artists thrive independently, and yet with XXIII Lil Debbie shows that she really has no limits to her creativity, and success.

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Yellow Claw ft. Moksi & Jonna Fraser: "Open"

Yellow Claw's track "Open" comes from their new album Los Amsterdam.  This one features the production duo Moksi and Dutch vocalist Jonna Fraser.  Fraser's voice is all over the radio in the Netherlands, but with the studio session with Yellow Claw for what became the song "Open" he released his first song in english.  "Open" is one of the dopest tracks on Los Amsterdam but it's putting popular Dutch music front and center for a global audience.  In listening to you not only discover a great track, but a brilliant voice that you may not have heard before...

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VIDEO: Yellow Claw ft. Elliphant & DJ Snake "Good Day"

Yellow Claw prove to be on quite the roll with their new album Los Amsterdam.  They've released yet another dope video, the clip for "Good Day".  Ths track is a collab with Elliphant and DJ Snake, and it's yet another example of the supreme dopeness of this new album.

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VIDEO: Yellow Claw, Lil Debbie & Juicy J "City On Lockdown"

Lil Debbie and Yellow Claw take over the city in the new video for "City On Lockdown" from Los Amsterdam.  Juicy J's appearance is a welcome surprise, putting a pretty unique twist on what is already a creatively executed video.  Lil Debbie runs shit in the video, just like on the track.  The video was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Frank Telli.   

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