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YELLE presents "Romeo"

 One of our all time favorite artists (or groups, really), is none of than the electro pop sensation Yelle. Coming from France and making unmistakably great dance music 100%, we promise you can count on our recommendation on this one.

"Romeo" is another hit in a long line of great tunes, check it out!

- Yelle new song 'Romeo' : https://IDOL.lnk.to/Romeo - Tickets for the Yelle Club Party in USA and Canada : https://www.ticketfly.com/search/?q=y... - Yelle merchandising : http://www.recreation-center.com


Yelle "BA$$IN'"

From the first moment we heard Yelle we were lifetime fans.  Everything they've done since is just exceptional.  Making incredible, fun, unique dance music with so much energy and enthusiasm we could explode.  This new video is a perfect example of what makes them so great.  We love you, Yelle.


Photo of the day: Yelle 


Yelle - Compl├Ętement Fou (20syl remix)

Yelle normally provides an intense, high energy performance of this song 'Complètement Fou'.  Turntable mastermind 20syl has made a name for himself as part of the group C2C, and on this solo remix he's delivered an innovative, off beat final product.  20syl shows that his style of electronic and hip hop music has no match and draws influences from all over, including his work in C2C and his band Hocus Pocus before that...


Photo of the day: Yelle on a horse in New York City