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Years & Years present 'Palo Santo' the short film

You may have heard Years & Years released their second album last week, Palo Santo and with it came the short film directed by Fred Rowson.  For those so inclined, it's the opportunity to dive into the world that the band have created for this album.  From the symbols present on the album art, and within the film, to the ominous prescence of the ever-evolving androids, the depth of this project is revealed.  The album is a bold representation of their energetic, soulful sounds, and this time around they're reaching further with the influences their exploring.  This is a good look at the themes that inspired this Palo Santo, get it here if you haven't yet, and watch the film below. 



Year & Years: 'All For You' 

'All For You' is the latest anthem from Years & Years, available on their upcoming album Palo Santo.  This one is an instant favourite, drawing you into the new world they've created for this record.  Palo Santo  promises to bring what you've always loved about the sound of Years & Years and their songwriting, but it's also unafraid to be adventurous. Get it here!


Years & Years: 'If You're Over Me' 

Years & Years return with the first single from their upcoming album.  Palo Santo will be their second full length album, and single 'If You're Over Me' leads the way.  The song 'Sanctify' and their short film introduced us to the world of Palo Santo with the help of director Fred Rowson and stars Olly Alexander, Judi Dench and Vithaya Pansringar.  They've always been one of those groups that shifts directions slightly, just when you think you've got them figured out.  Watch for Palo Santo July 6th.


Years and Years: 'Eyes Shut' (Tei Shi remix)

After opening for Years & Years on several tour dates this fall, including their first ever Toronto show Tei Shi has remixed one of our favourites songs from the album 'Communion'.  This new version of 'Eyes Shut' adds a bassline that bounces, chops the lyrics into a new form that's quite different from the original.  Tei Shi has managed to make the song happier, without taking it so far it loses it's melancholic edge.  As unique as their show was at Danforth Music Hall, so is their remix collaboration.  


Songs From A Room: Years & Years

It's no secret that we are big fans of Years & Years and their debut full length 'Communion'.  This performance is nothing short of stunning.  Olli Alexander plays in front of the New York City skyline for a bar, empty except for the bartender...