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The Magician: "Sunlight" ft. Years & Years (Max Liese remix)

The Magician, Years and Years, and Max Liese all meet on this one track, and the results are music to our ears.  The infectious voice, the beautiful songwriting, and now the energetic production make for a unique sound that cannot be found anywhere else.  It's nearly impossible to forget this version once you've heard it, and lucky for you it's a free download from Max Liese.


Years and Years: King (Florian Paetzold remix)

Everyone loves Years and Years.  "King" is a supremely popular track, and a prime example of why they're catching on all over the world.  Germany's Florian Paetzold leans into a couple of classic dance music influences to make this remix really stand out and we can't get enough!



Brand new from The Magician f. Years and Years!

A super soulful disco house jam from The Magician!  Feast your ears!

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