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Sango Presents: 'In The Comfort Of'

Sango has just released a new album, and it's hard to explain just how great it is...  In The Comfort Of is a seventeen track masterpiece that features some of the coolest music we've heard from Sango and some of the most exciting special guests you could imagine.  Joined by JMSN, Ryan Ashley, Jesse Boykins III, Xavier Omar, and James Vincent McMorrow to name a few, Sango creates a world you can join temporarily, one a step or two away from this one.  Press play on this album below, and get it here!


Sango – Sweet Holy Honey (feat. Xavier Omär)

This new one from Sango and Xavier Omär is absolutely incredible, both aurally and visually. Xavier deserves a TON of credit for his spectacular vocals, but Sango is an undisputed musical genius if you ask us.  Listen to this!