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VIDEO: Whitney 'Used To Be Lonely'

Whitney have another new song, and it comes in the form of the video for 'Used To Be Lonely'.  It's a beautiful telling of love, and the space it can leave behind.  Brilliantly shot and edited, this illustrates the memories a place can evoke, of those you've been there with before.  'Used To Be Lonely' is from the upcoming album Forever Turned Around, which is out August 30th on Secretly Canadian.  Check out the video below and pre-order the album here.   

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VIDEO: Whitney 'Valleys (My Love)'

Whitney have an astounding new song for you.  'Valleys (My Love)' describes the band's journeys on the road, while the video tells the tale of a truck driver spending time at work, away from his loved ones.  The track comes from the upcoming album Forever Turned Around, out August 30th on Secretly Canadian.  The video is by Kamp Grizzly and director Nick Woytuk.  The clip is shot in Oregon, and beautifully captures the scenery as well as an intimate portrait of lonely life on the road.  Watch 'Valleys (My Love)' below, and preorder Forever Turned Around here!

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Whitney's New Song 'Giving Up'

Earlier today the Chicago band Whitney announced their upcoming follow up to Light Upon the Lake.  Their 2016 debut established the band as a unique new sound.  Forever Turned Around is the new album and 'Giving Up' is the lead single.  While it's evocative of evolution both personal and musical, it also delivers that sound we've grown to love from Whitney.  You can listen to the single below, preoder the album here and watch for it August 30th.

Phoenix covers 'No Woman' by Whitney

Australian radio station Triple J has long invited musicians to cover their favourites for the show 'Like A Version'.  For their appearance the one and only Phoenix take on a song by Chicago's own Whitney.  'No Woman' is already a beautiful, laidback song, and it takes a tone of electronic serenity with this new edition.  Watch below to catch the band in the studio for this brief performance.


VIDEO: Whitney "You've Got A Woman"

Back in March Whitney announced their limited release covers 12".  The vinyl edition is out June 12th, the digital version is available now.  This weekend the Chicago band released a video for the song "You've Got A Woman", originally by Lion.  The flip side of the 12" is Whitney's cover of Dolly Parton's "Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)".  Hear it here, and get the record here!