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Bibio presents 'Curls'

Bibio has a new single, one that's coming from the upcoming record Ribbons.  While the record is being released on Warp Records on April 12th, you have the opportunity to hear 'Curls' now.  The single features that guitar sound that we've grown to associate with Bibio, and it fits perfectly at the centre of the hazy, dreamlike instrumentation.  This track is one with an introspective vibe, and while we wouldn't necessarily classify it as a happy song, you'll certainly feel good when you listen to it.  Press play below and preorder Ribbons here.


Nightmares on Wax presents "Back To Nature"

 Where could we possibly begin to talk about this?

'Back To Nature' is an audiovisual masterpiece. There. That's where we'll start.

This is important, and powerful, and mindblowing all at the same time. This is brutally honest, innovative music that manages to also be extremely hopeful. Way back, El-P said in an interview on the Cannibal Ox album he had recently produced, that he wanted it to contain elements of both beauty and sorrow. This could be in that section of the record store.

For a million reasons, Nightmares on Wax nails it right on the head. We absolutely must get back to nature. This video has an immediacy to it that reminds us a bit of Pearl Jam's 'Do The Evolution.' A painful reminder that we are not doing it right.

This is an absolute must. Check this out:

Nightmares on Wax returns with ‘Back To Nature’, out now on Warp Records. Stream / Download: https://now.fanlink.to/BackToNature


VIDEO: Mount Kimbie ft. James Blake 'We Go Home Together'

Mount Kimbie and James Blake have collaborated several times before, from joining the live act on tour, to guest djing their Boiler Room event to remixing 'Maybes' these two acts seem to have an effect on each other that inspires continually innovative music.  This time around they've released a single together, the brand new song 'We Go Home Together' along with the wildly unpredictable video. 

Click here to buy/stream 'We Go Home Together' whereever you get your music


VIDEO: Danny Brown 'When It Rain'

Today Danny Brown released his newest single 'When It Rains'.  It comes with the bizarre video, and the announcement that his upcoming album will be released on Warp.  The announcement came with this statement from Danny Brown himself:


“With the blessing of my Fools Gold family by my side, I'm excited to be working with Warp on new material. They're music fans to the same high degree I am and I'm looking forward to breaking some rules together.”


VIDEO: Bibio 'Light Up The Sky'

The kaleidoscopic video for 'Light Up The Sky' comes from Bibio's seventh album.  'A Mineral Love' is the new record, and it's available now on Warp Records.  'Light Up The Sky' was the most recently recorded of the songs comprising 'A Mineral Love'.  Discover the vibrant video below, and get your hands on 'A Mineral Love' now...