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Brand New From Kelela!  "LMK"

 To say Kelela is on fire would be an understatement to say the least. "LMK" is one of countless incredibly exciting new songs from one of our absolute favorite artists doing it.

Check out this video, get the album!

From the debut album ‘Take Me Apart’, out now. Buy/Stream 'Take Me Apart': Follow Kelela Mailing List: Spotify: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Behind The Scenes:


Danny Brown: 'Lost' Video + BTS


Join Danny Brown in this behind the scenes look at the making of his video for 'Lost'.  The track comes from his album Atrocity Exhibition, and it's like no other we've seen before.  Matilda Finn directed the VHS styled video takes on the subject matter that has been present in Danny Brown's music.  'Lost' has become a favourite track from the album, and the video offers an additional look at the difference between the man and his life, and the audience perception of who he is.  'Lost' reminds us that while these songs, and videos may seem like the antics of a character, they are in fact based in the experiences of a very real, talented artist and reflect the real life struggles of people everywhere.

Watch the behind the scenes, and the video below, and get Atrocity Exhibition here!


VIDEO: Mount Kimbie ft. James Blake 'We Go Home Together'

Mount Kimbie and James Blake have collaborated several times before, from joining the live act on tour, to guest djing their Boiler Room event to remixing 'Maybes' these two acts seem to have an effect on each other that inspires continually innovative music.  This time around they've released a single together, the brand new song 'We Go Home Together' along with the wildly unpredictable video. 

Click here to buy/stream 'We Go Home Together' whereever you get your music


Aphex Twin - CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]

Aphex Twin, the man himself, just dropped his first video in 17 years. If you've ever seen a video from this guy before, you've already pressed play. This is weird, and so, so amazing.

Taken from Aphex Twin’s ‘Cheetah EP’, out on 8 July -

Preorder on Bleep:
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Directed by Ryan Wyer, aged 12, of Rush, County Dublin.


VIDEO: Danny Brown 'When It Rain'

Today Danny Brown released his newest single 'When It Rains'.  It comes with the bizarre video, and the announcement that his upcoming album will be released on Warp.  The announcement came with this statement from Danny Brown himself:


“With the blessing of my Fools Gold family by my side, I'm excited to be working with Warp on new material. They're music fans to the same high degree I am and I'm looking forward to breaking some rules together.”