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DJ Sliink, Skrillex & Wale: 'Saint Laurent'

DJ Sliink is one of the recent signings to OWSLA.  The label has been irreverently led by Skrillex, and this single is one of the cooler, more unique tracks we've heard in a while.  The label founder joins the New Jersey producer, and Wale takes to the mic for one of the most unpredictable collabs of the sumer.  This one follows Skrillex releasing 'Would You Ever' with Poo Bear, and rumour has it there's another track coming with Vindata.

Listen below!


Matoma: 'Running Out' ft. Astrid S. 

Matoma's new single 'Running Out' with Astrid S. comes as a part of his unique, unorthodox album.  'Hakuna Matoma' is precisely what you'd expect from the Norweigan artist, a series of incredible productions with a serious list of special guests.  What no one expected is for him to release an album digitally, only to continually add more music to it as time goes on.  Another recent release is 'Stick Around' with Akon, and so far the album includes appearances by Madcon, Popcaan, and Wale.  Listen to the album here, and watch for more!