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VIDEO: Band of Horses 'In A Drawer'

'Why Are You Ok' is the latest album from Band of Horses.  The single 'In A Drawer' comes from that record, and with it a video like no other you've seen before.  A myriad of techniques are used to tell one of the most unexpected and unpredictable love stories you could possibly dream up.  This is one clip, that however odd, instills a feeling of hope in its conclusion.  Watch it below and get 'Why Are You Ok' here.


Annelie presents 'Stuck'

The video for Annelie's 'Stuck' is an example of skillful camera work, as the focus shifts along with changes in the song.  'Stuck' follows her 2015 album 'Earfolder' and this is certainly a vital shift in her musical evolution, as much as it is a cornerstone in modern music.  We cannot speak highly enough of this track, and of the video created by Rickard OlaussonGet 'Stuck' on iTunes



KREAM: 'Taped Up Heart' ft. Clara Mae 

 KREAM's single for 'Taped Up Heart' is a raw, emotional one.  The video puts a bizarre twist on the track, following a character that's almost, yet not quite human.  Watch this wild adventure below, get the track here, and get the dope remix EP here!

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Sevdaliza: 'Amandine Insensible'

Sevdaliza just released a new video for her song 'Amandine Insensible'.  It follows her track 'Bebin', released in response to the current American president's Muslim ban.  With this stunning new video comes the announcement of her upcoming album entitled 'Ison'.  The video is directed by Piet Langeveld, and it's redefining the very concept of the music video.  Within it the character Amandine is shown in a small variety of very limited roles, those that society is comfortable with women occupying.  The images and videos of Amandine in each capacity are being sold for use via the website Shutterstock

Get 'Amandine Insensible' on the EP 'Children of Silk'

In her own words:

" The story of Amandine explores the concept of 'identity' in a contemporary world that is rapidly changing due to the disappearance of 'boundaries'. Amandine is everything you want her to be. An extreme extraction of average life, representing a world where we have become so universal all feelings have disappeared. Paradoxically, this makes you feel uncomfortable. Her life takes place in an infinite white space, composed with minimal objects that represent different facets of the cycle of daily life. The accessibility of information and matter has created a new universal language, in which commercial brands play a key role. "



Chance The Rapper 'Same Drugs'

Jake Schreier's video for 'Same Drugs' beautifully captures the emotional power of this track from Chance the Rapper's 'Colouring Book'.  The track describes the growing distance between two people who were once close, based on their current vices of choice.  Schreier's video shows Chance performing a duet at the piano, and then leaving the studio.  As we see that each of the other characters involved is a puppet, you naturally sense the difference and the distance between Chance and everyone else.  In that shot of him walking by the windows of the control room, you can feel that sadness, that lonliness...

Same Drugs from the Grammy Nominated Coloring Book, featuring vocals from Chance The Rapper, Eryn Allen Kane, Yebba, John Legend, Francis Starlite and Macie Stewart.