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Kandle: Nobody Wants You Now


If you've been paying attention it's no secret that Kandle is one of our favourite artists.  She's got such a unique, beautiful voice, and it's always centered in a dark and grimy sound.  Combine that with the raw edge she possesses as a songwriter, and you have something amazing that just doesn't happen anywhere else but on her records.  'Nobody Wants You Now' is one of the boldest tracks from Holy Smoke, her latest and in our opinion, greatest record so far.  In this song and video she's sticking up for victims of abuse everywhere and to hold abusers accountable, no matter how famous they might be.  It's directed by Emma Higgins, edited by Jessica Graore, with art direction by Maya Fuhr.  This powerful song, an the incredibly impactful video are profound reminders that Kandle is more than just an artist we want the world to hear, she's one that everyone should really listen to...

 Get Holy Smoke here.  



VIDEO: Nick Murphy ' Sanity'

Nick Murphy has a new album on the way called Run Fast Sleep Naked.  It's coming on April 26th, and the single is entitled 'Sanity' and the video is here.  Check it out below, and we're sure you'll enjoy this first taste of Murphy's next project.  For a different take on the visual for 'Sanity', check out this archival live cut on YouTube.   Get 'Sanity' here.



VIDEO: Bosco 'Cruel'

Bosco has just released the video for her track 'Cruel'.  It's a bit of a throwback to her 2017 project b. that established her as one of the most exciting artists coming out of Atlanta these days.  This nostalgic clip fits perfectly with 'Cruel', possibly Bosco's dopest slow jam.  The video is part of a multi-dimensional release including a digital art project that you can check out here.  Watch the video below, and check out b. on Fool's Gold Records here.


VIDEO: Galantis 'Mama Look At Me Now'

Galantis is here with their new video for 'Mama Look At Me Now'.  This joyful anthem and the clip explore the earlier days of the duo with footage going back to their beginings in 2013.  It's one of two new songs released last week on Big Beat Records.  You can check out the video for 'Satisfied' here.  You should also check out their 2017 album Aviary.


Shad presents 'The Fool Pt. 1' (Get It Got It Good)

Shad has recently announced that he's got a new album in the works for the first time in a while.  A Short Story About A War is expected on October 26th, and today we've got the video for the first single.  'The Fool Pt 1' (Get It Got It Good) was shot (on an iPhone) and directed by Justin Broadbent, and it perfectly represents the energy that Shad brings to the track.  The track is produced by Don't Die, and sets up the perfect backdrop for Shad to go off on how the world is changing.  Nobody does it like Shad, and we can't wait for A Short Story About A War.