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VIDEO: Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - "Dang Is Invincible"

"Dang Is Invincible" from Hella Personal Film Festival by Open Mike Eagle and Paul White.  The video for this track is the work of Studio Doulzia.  It's a 2D animation studio focused on creating feature film animation reflective of groups unfairly censored or underrepresented in media; POC and LGBTQ people, while refining Doulzia’s house aesthetics.  Doulzia founder Alex Pierre directed the video outlines the vision for the project: 

“Conceptually the video parallels Mike's stream of consciousness and the narrative style of rap. The video follows Studio Doulzia's Noul (the protagonist of their film concept Skeletonblood) moving through train cars in a New York Subway Q Train. Noul anxiously looks for a train car where she can feel at ease, her journey speaks to finding assurance and humor in the subtle unfamiliarities that exist within the atmosphere of intimate settings like train cars, that otherwise could make a person feel vulnerable. The song felt really visceral, and we wanted to capture that as much as we can visually.”

The video really is a perfect match for one of our favourite tracks from this album.  Get Hella Personal Film Festival here.

from the album "Hella Personal Film Festival"


VIDEO: Mac DeMarco 'On The Level'

Here's another one from Mac DeMarco's upcoming album 'This Old Dog'.  'On The Level' comes with a suitably weird video.  An animated figure, resembling the Emperor from Star Wars rotates on screen while the background moves in waves.  Yet another example of Mac DeMarco's unpredictable, creative weirdness.  Preorder 'This Old Dog' from Captured Tracks.


VIDEO: Phora 'Faithful'


Phora's major label debut comes in the form of 'Yours Truly Forever'.  The single 'Faithful' comes from that album, and it's a vivid look at what the singer thinks women want.  The single leads the way for his 'Yours Truly' tour where Phora will keep fans guessing with a varied selection of old and new music from 'Yours Truly Forever'. 

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‘SUN’, A Collection of Time-Lapse Footage of the Sun’s Atmosphere Taken Over Four Years

 You should start your day by having your mind completely blown by this time-lapse of the giant ball of insanity that allows us to be alive. Check this out:

SUN from Michael König on Vimeo.



NIIA: 'Sideline' Live On Mulholland

NIIA caught us by surprise with the release of her single 'Hurt You First' and the selection of renditions of the song she'd done.  Today we've got 'Sideline' from the same upcoming project, but performed in a you don't see everyday.  NIIA sings 'Sideline' from Mullholland Drive in Los Angeles, moving steadily in a convertible as the sun begins to set over the city.  Watch for her new album May 5th, and check out 'Hurt You First' as well!

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