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PJ Harvey - Guilty

 This powerful new track from the amazing PJ Harvey is blowing our minds right now. She can do no wrong in our opinion - and just for added greatness we posted the lyrics below. So good!

There’s a little figure on the television
scratching at the ground by a pile of rags.
Grainy little figures on television screens
weighing up the moment – guilty, guilty.

What’s he doing with that stick?
Which one is guilty?

Back in the bunker in the operations room
a bored soldier is eating his lunch
while drones in their thousands are unveiled in Texas
to roaring voices, but nobody asked us if we wanted them.

What’s he doing with that stick?
Which one is guilty?

Power to the predator. The Grim Reaper.
Grainy little suspects running for shelter.
The drones have come in their thousands
but nobody asked us if we wanted them.

Rules and regulation…

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Happy Birthday to Skream!



We started Fingers on Blast just over five years ago as a channel to share the stuff that inspires us to be creative and awesome.

Skream is one of those forces of innovation and creativity who not only makes beautiful, timeless art - and also inspires us with his passion, drive, and his love for what he does.

Today is Skream's birthday, so we drew this sketch of the man himself and figured we would share a few tunes and mixes!  Enjoy, and happy birthday SKREAM!


The Big Pink 'Beautiful Criminal'

 A lil while back British duo The Big Pink dropped a smash hit tune called 'Beautiful Criminal' that has us excited to sign on as fans for life. The downbeat, heavy duty tune features vocals so infectious you will be singing along in mere seconds. Check it out:

Pre-Order on Vinyl: www.b3scirecords.com/product/b3sr-0…underground-ep

Follow The Big Pink:
Facebook: on.fb.me/1k2LRjp
Twitter: bit.ly/1UzMXAd
Youtube: bit.ly/1RoJi9V
Spotify: bit.ly/1Qqwccd
Soundcloud: bit.ly/1m7FzjO
Instagram: bit.ly/1IUvIs8
Website: bit.ly/1OwjrGO


Nero covers 'Electric Intercourse' by PRINCE!

 UK hitmakers Nero recently released their magnificent tribute / cover of the legendary Prince's 'Electric Intercourse' - which is OUT OF THIS WORLD.


Aloric presents 'Grace'

 London based Aloric's epic new creation 'Grace' is nothing short of mindblowing. Haunting vocals, meticulous instrumentation, and a bone chilling finale. This is a tribute to Jeff Buckley that will be heard the world over. We love this.

**ALORIC // Grace (Official Music Video)**: youtu.be/AUW1Ez8aMHs