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VIDEO: Twin Peaks 'Oh Mama'

This Friday marks the release of the fourth album from Twin Peaks entitled Lookout Low.  'Oh Mama' is the last pre-release single, with the video making its debut.  It follows the tracks 'Dance Through It' and 'Ferry Song' as our introduction to what is sure to be a wild ride of an album.  We had the chance to see Twin Peaks live this summer in Toronto, in support of local heroes Pup.  As usual, Twin Peaks left us wanting more, only now we don't have long to wait...

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Twin Peaks: Sweet '17 Singles Series

Twin Peaks have just released the last 2 tracks in their Sweet '17 singles series.  'In The Meadow' and 'We Will Make It (Not Without You)' are the two most recent additions to the series, and with it comes the announcement of a vinyl release in February.  Grand Jury will be releasing the limited edition 12 inch, and when you hear it, you'll understand why we're so excited.  Twin Peaks were a highlight at NXNE this year, and with each progressive release of those pairs of singles they show their versatility as songwriters and performers.  Listen to Sweet '17 below, and preorder the vinyl here if you're into that sort of thing.


Twin Peaks: 'Tossing Tears'

'Tossing Tears' is the latest from Twin Peaks, but it's not your average single.  It's available on a limited 7" with the song 'Under The Pines', and it's the first in the Twin Peaks singles series.  Every month for the rest of the year the band will release two singles on a 7" vinyl limited to 300 copies and online.  For more information direct from the band click here, and listen to 'Tossing Tears' below!



VIDEO: Twin Peaks 'Wanted You'

Twin Peaks have a unique, moody video for their song 'Wanted You'.  It follows the release of the live album 'Urbs In Horto' at the end of last month.  The record was released digitally, with the vinyl edition being exclusively available at their shows with a limited release coming May 5th.  The album is a brilliant example of Twin Peaks live show.  You can hear the album here, and check them out on tour now with Hinds, throughout the summer, and with Spoon in September.  Twin Peaks hit Toronto for NXNE on June 23rd. 

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Yotto: 'Cooper's Cup'

Yotto's new single is 'Cooper's Cup'.  It's a deep, magnetic groove that draws you into its strange, unique world.  It's the second track in Yotto's 'Twin Peaks' trilogy, with 'The Owls' leading the way.  For those familiar with the classic series, 'Cooper's Cup' is a reference to the shows focus on coffee...

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