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Timberwood: Orientation


Timberwood is the number one new show we'd recommend, and for so many reasons.  The summer camp comedy has an incredibly talented cast, it's so sharp and well written you'll need to watch it again and again because you'll laugh through some of the jokes.  One of the main reasons to recommend Timberwood is that the pilot was independently funded by the people who made it.  They've made it their mission to share this incredible new show, and through that connection bring new episodes to life.

Watch Timberwood: Orientation below, and if you enjoy it as much as we do check out their fundraising campaign to make the rest of season one.  It's worth reading about how this great show started with creator Blake McWilliam and fellow writers AJ Vaage and Ian Fisher.  You can contribute a few bucks to help fund the rest of season one, or you can really get into and get yourself a spot on the show for the right price.  Either way this is a really cool way to bring a great story to the world.  So see for yourselves and show it to your friends!

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Photo of the day: Happy Birthday Steve Carell

Join us in wishing Steve Carell a happy birthday!  This photo was taken while filming Carell's final scene on the Dunder Mifflin set.


Photo of the day: The Scarn!


Photo of the day: Gilda Radner, Gene Wilder & Sparkle

Today marks what would have been Gilda Radner's 61st birthday.  The photo was taken by Danyau Mychele, showing Gilda Radner, Gene Wilder and their dog Sparkle. 



David Schwimmer: Thanks For Being Born!

"I don't want to get over her... I want to be with her." - Ross Geller

David Schwimmer brought to life one of the boldest, funniest and most endearing characters ever to appear on television.  Ross Geller is a widely relatable, lovable fuck up.  Join us in wishing him a happy birthday!

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