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Phoenix covers 'No Woman' by Whitney

Australian radio station Triple J has long invited musicians to cover their favourites for the show 'Like A Version'.  For their appearance the one and only Phoenix take on a song by Chicago's own Whitney.  'No Woman' is already a beautiful, laidback song, and it takes a tone of electronic serenity with this new edition.  Watch below to catch the band in the studio for this brief performance.


Gordi Performs 'In The End' by Linkin Park

Triple J has long been inviting artists to perform in their studio, and include a cover of one of their favourite songs.  The Australian radio station responsible for 'Like A Version' has included a lengthy list of artists including favourites like Lorde, Badbadnotgood, and Flume covering acts like Phil Collins, the Beach Boys, and even 'My Boo' by Ghosttown DJ's.  The possibilities for this series seem endless, and that's what makes this most recent release so stunning.  Fresh off the release of her album Reservoir, on Jagjaguwar she's appeared in the Triple J studio performing Linkin Park's infamous song 'In The End'.

This performance is Gordi's way of honouring the late Chester Bennington, singer of the band she loved so much growing up and to shed light on World Mental Health Day (October 10th).  Watch the stunning, emotional performance below, and get Reservoir here.


Bad Bad Not Good & Jonti: 'God Only Knows'

Triple J's Like A Version continues to put some of the greatest acts of our time in their studio to perform their own hits and their favourite covers.  This time around the band is Bad Bad Not Good, and special guest Jonti.  They've taken on the classic Beach Boys song 'God Only Knows', as only they can...



Flume & Friends cover Ghost Town DJ's 'My Boo'

Flume recently appeared on Triple J's Like A Version.  The weekly show features an artist playing one of their own songs, and a favourite cover.  Naturdally Flume chose the incredible single 'Never Be Like You' from his album 'Skin'.  For the cover he chose 'My Boo', by Ghost Town DJ's.  Together with Vince Staples, Kučka, Vera Blue and Ngaiire they deliver a weird, wonderful new version of the classic track.


Julien Baker Is Amazing - NPR Tiny Desk Concert & More!

 After dozens upon dozens of recommendations, we had to sit down and focus on Julien Baker's music - and she is by all means as great as everyone keeps saying and then some. And so, we've collected some pretty cool pieces of her wonderful music to share with you. You're gonna love it.