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Toyboy & Robin: 'Through My Eyes'

This is one of the dopest new house tracks we've heard in a while.  'Through My Eyes' is as emotive as it is energetic and there's nothing else like it.  Toyboy & Robin dropped this one on Big Beat Records earlier today and it's one new single we're sure you'll be hearing lots of...




The Amazing Video for 'Save Me Now' by Toyboy & Robin


Toyboy & Robin teamed up with Sam Wills for a brilliant single.  'Save Me Now' makes a huge impression with this bold new video directed by Anais La Rocca.  This highly creative clip features dancer Taylor Lashae and the animation and illustration of Jocelyn Tsaih and Pablo Delcan perfectly combined to create something we've never seen before. iTunes 


Toyboy & Robin's incredible EP 'Studio 7'!


Toyboy and Robin deliver some serious soul for the dance floor on their new EP.  'Studio 7' is deep, and it's accomplished in only three tracks.  Each features a different vocalist, and leans in a slightly different direction.  'Save Me Now' has Sam Wills taking the lead on a garage masterpiece.  'Like a Shadow' has a slower groove, with elements of classic funk and the unforgettable voice of Robyn Sherwell.  'Losing My Love' is evocative of the classic anthems from the early days of house music, and Rothwell is the perfect addition to the amazing production.  The duo of Toyboy and Robin provide something memorable, and part of it's power is in its brevity.  Three great tracks, no filler, and we've got nothing but love for it! 





Years and Years: 'Shine' (Toyboy & Robin remix)


In addition to the work they've put in on their new EP 'Studio 7', Toyboy & Robin have recently released their remix of 'Shine'.  The much acclaimed band Years and Years write wonderful songs, often reminiscent of elements of classic house.  This gives Toyboy & Robin the opportunity to push new elements into the mix for what we predict will be one of the biggest tunes of the summer. 



Toyboy & Robin: "Save Me Now" ft. Sam Wills

Toyboy & Robin are a much buzzed about London duo on the verge of releasing their new EP. "Studio 7" is coming on May 25th and there will be two different versions of the release.  Select digital retailers will be releasing the 3 tracks and 2 bonus extended versions, where everywhere else "Losing My Love", "Like A Shadow", and this masterpiece "Save Me Now" with Sam Wills.  This duo is major part of the garage revival taking place, and "Studio 7" is going to be a top selection this summer.