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Towkio's Brilliant Video for 'Swim'

Towkio dropped one of the wildest videos this year, the perfectly titled 'Drift'.  Now he's back with 'Swim',  and it utilizes a completely different, boldly creative technique.  It's a brilliant video, and the song is a closer look at the way Towkio sees the world, and how his mind works.  He really is one of the most interesting and exciting artists out there on the rise.  We've heard he's got an album in the works, and we can't wait.


VIDEO: Towkio - Hot Shit

Towkio comes from Chicago's SaveMoney crew and he's just dropped his latest single and video.  'Hot Shit' is directed by Andre Muir, and it captures Towkio's energy on stage in a way we've never pictured before, but shows how enigmatic an mc he is.  Few can top Towkio live, and with new music on the way there will be no stopping him.  Get 'Hot Shit' here


Towkio's WILD video for 'Drift'

Towkio has just released one of the wildest videos we've ever seen.  The clip for 'Drift' was shot guerilla style, and it's directed by Todd Burr and Towkio himself, and show's the Chicago lyricist going from one daring situation to another.  It was filmed on location in Mexico and Hawaii, and it perfectly represents one of the boldest tracks we've heard from Towkio.  Coming from the SaveMoney crew, his WAV Theory is incredible, and the prospect of even more music on the way is pretty exciting.  Watch 'Drift' below, get it here and follow Towkio online for more updates as they come!



KAMI Presents: Just Like The Movies

Chicago's KAMI comes from the SaveMoney crew, and he's part of the duo Leather Corduroys with Joey Purp.  The new album Just Like The Movies is out on May 5th,  but is available to stream now.  The smooth sound, influenced by rock and new wave is a bold example of the spirit of creative evolution surrounding the SaveMoney collective.  In addition to this dope new music, there's a natural visual element to the album, present in the videos for "Home Movies" and "Scene Girl".  Listen to the album, and check the videos below.  Watch for the album May 5th, including guest appearances by Joey Purp, Knox Hamilton, Towkio, and Sterling Hayes.

Do yourself a favour a give this a shot from beginning to end, "Runaway" is worth looking forward to...


VIDEO: Towkio ft. Chance the Rapper 'Clean Up'

Towkio's 'Wav. Theory' has been bringing his eclectic, energetic hip hop to the world since its release.  The record features fellow Chicago MC Chance the Rapper on a few tunes, and 'Clean Up' is one of them.  The video is straight forward, good, clean fun as Towkio, Chance and their crew turn the city's sidewalks into a dancefloor.  Watch below and get your hands on 'Wav Theory' now!