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Listen to the new album 'Visions' from Touch Sensitive

Throughout the summer we've brought you a couple of track from this new album by Touch Sensitive.  Visions includes the songs 'Lay Down' and 'No Other High', and now that it's out those two tracks are just scratching the surface.  Visions is out now, and that means you can stream it on YouTube along with visualizers for each track.  This is simply too cool to miss...


Touch Sensitive: 'No Other High' ft. Electric Fields

Touch Sensitive has released the second single from the upcoming album Visions.  The debut track was 'Lay Down', and following in it's cool, laidback footsteps is 'No Other High'.  Electric Fields features on the track, instantly giving it a different feel from 'Lay Down' but alluding to the vibe of Visions, as the two tracks really do go well together.  Prior to 'Lay Down' it had been some time since Touch Sensitive released solo music, making us think that there's a whole lot more of these impeccably written songs on the way.

Preorder Visions here.


Touch Sensitive: 'Lay Down'

Touch Sensitive's single 'Lay Down' is one of the brightest of the summer.  It's been four years since the last official Touch Sensitive single, and this one is well worth waiting for.  Future Classic is the perfect label to bring this one to the world, and it's out now.  This is not only the type of song that's hard to forget, but one you'll feel the need to share with your friends.

Get it here

Touch Sensitive just unveiled the album trailer for his upcoming record: Visions