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Toro y Moi Presents: 'Freelance'


Toro y Moi brings you a new electro funk jam entitled 'Freelance' and it's a bewildering yet fascinating new track.  The video shows the artist in a solitary setting, crafting the music on a lonely stage.  It's a perfect introduction to the album Outer Peace, coming on January 18th.  The video is directed by Primary Colors, and it's a must watch.  Elegant in it's simplicity, it paints an intimate portrait of an artist in a way that many people may not perceive them.  Watch the video for 'Freelance' and check the upcoming tourdates below!





Adult Swim Presents: "Luxe"

Luxe is the latest musical project from Adult Swim, and it's one of their best.  It's a compilation that does what Adult Swim always has, bring incredible music to light, but this one is also a really perfect complete listen.  The songs by Tei Shi, Toro y Moi, and Kllo (to name a few) comprise a compilation that should be heard beginning to end.  Listen to this masterpiece below...


Rome Fortune 'BOO MOBILE II' (prod.Toro Y Moi)

 This is a dream collab for us, Rome Fortune doing his impeccable truth speaking style, and Toro Y Moi on a low key, echo filled, wonderful production. The flute sample! Dope!


Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2: 'Star Stuff'

Chaz Bundick enlisted the Mattson 2 for his concert film Toro y Moi: 'Live at Trona'.  It seems only natural that their relationship evolved from making such a one of a kind project into a whole new album.  'Star Stuff' is the first track to emerge from the record 'Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2'.  Jonathan (drums) and Jared (guitar) are fitting collaborators for an artist who has continually explored new sounds and side projects throughout his career.  Watch for the album, out March 31st.


Toro Y Moi: Live From Trona

Toro Y Moi's latest project is one like no other.  The film 'Live From Trona' beatifully showcases the critically acclaimed artist by filmaker Harry Israelson.  It includes new music, and is available exclusively through Vimeo.  This is not the first time that Vimeo has delivered such an amazing project.  It's available to rent or to buy, and one glimpse at the trailer will show you this is in fact a work of art...

Watch it here

Toro Y Moi: Live From Trona from Primary Colors on Vimeo.