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5 Must See Artists @ NXNE Port Lands

5. Caveboy: Saturday 3 pm, Canal Stage

 Kicking off our list of essential performances at NXNE Port Lands is  Montreal's Caveboy.  They've been in the studio working on the follow up to last year's single 'Superbia'.  We caught their show last summer at Osheaga, and loved it.  Based on that experience, and the possibility of hearing some of that new music they've been working on, we just can't miss Caveboy at NXNE.


4. River Tiber: Sunday 6 pm Skyline Stage

This week River Tiber is performing in Spain at the Sonar Festival, and returns home to Toronto to help bring the Port Lands festival to a glorious close on Sunday.  River Tiber is one of the most buzzed about names in music these days, and for good reason.  He's released music with Daniel Caesar, Pusha T, and fellow Port Lands performer Kaytranada.  The album Indigo was released last year, and it's way too good to pass up the chance to hear some of those songs live on a sunny Toronto Sunday.

3. Kaytranada: Saturday 9:30 pm, Skyline Stage

Kaytranada was added to the Port Lands lineup when Tyler the Creator cancelled his performance.  The album 99.9% is still in heavy rotation, and based on his set at Manifesto last summer this is one headline show that cannot be missed.  There's simply no one else who dj's or makes music like Kaytranada, and that unique style and sound is what brings together such a lively, energetic crowd at his shows. 

2. Cold Specks: Friday 6:20 pm, Canal Stage

Last year following Schoolboy Q's headline show at NXNE Port Lands, Cold Specks put on a stunning show at Lee's Palace.  With the new single 'Wild Card' released just today, we're excited to hear the evolution of one of the finest voices in music one year later.  It seems a fitting next step that Cold Specks would taking the stage at the large scale NXNE event.  If 'Wild Card' is the first in a new collection of music, this show could be a chance to hear more...

1. Sleigh Bells: 7:50 pm Skyline Stage

Flashback to 2014 and Sleigh Bells was stealing the show at NXNE with a Wednesday night show at Tattoo, and an appearance at Yonge/Dundas Square the following night.  They were touring in support of the album Bitter Rivals and this time around it's the incredible album Jessica Rabbit.  The duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller have been unstoppable since 2010's Treats was released, and their live show is not to be taken lightly.  This show is an opportunity to see Sleigh Bells live that should not be passed up.

Click here for more information on NXNE, including the full Port Lands lineup and click here to get tickets!


The 5 You Must See at Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams is kicking off in Toronto, and we've picked the 5 performers you cannot miss!

1. Major Lazer:  

This is our first pick hands down.  Never mind the dj scene, this live show goes beyond what any act is doing in any genre.  The lineup can vary but the current tour featuring Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire is absolutely insane.  No one else gets down like this. With big tunes like 'Get Free' and 'Original Don' leading up to the second album things are only going to get crazier.  Diplo has just released the insane 'Express Yourself' EP and has got the whole world expressing themselves on twitter.  We just interviewed Jillionaire.  We've had the chance to see Major Lazer at Coachella, Sasquatch, and a few times in Toronto.  Cannot wait for this...

Major Lazer - Get Free (Andy C Remix) by Major Lazer [OFFICIAL]


2. A-Trak:

Talk about career longevity.  A-Trak has been owning the turntables since before he could legally drive a car.  Winning everything from ITF, Vestax, and DMC dj competitions to YTV Acheivement Awards he set the bar high.  Nowadays he's running Fool's Gold Records, releasing a steady catalogue of singles and remixes, and touring constantly.  His live show combines turntablism, and a wide array of genres for an unforgettable show.  He really is one of the best dj's in the world.  We've seen him perform everywhere from the Embassy Hotel in London, to the Hoxton in Toronto, and Sasquatch in Washington.

Martin Solveig - The Night Out (A-Trak Remix) by A-Trak


3. Richie Hawtin: 

We'd heard the legend of Richie Hawtin, the English-Canadian who played a huge part in Detroit techno in the 90's.  It wasn't until we caught some of his set at the Virgin Music Fest in Baltimore a few years ago that we clued in to the greatness.  There's nothing like seeing a dj who can make the crowd go crazy with the simple addition of a high hat to a beat.  There's something unmistakeable in Richie Hawtin's finesse as a dj that makes his live show something you really need to experience to believe.

Plastikman - Spastik - Dubfire Mix by Burn Studios


4. Torro Torro: 

Torro Torro keep offering up a selection of tracks and remixes that make classifying their style difficult.  They've worked to create Slowed, the moombahton event that takes place at Wrongbar but don't let that convince you that the duo is limited to 108-112.  They've just released two remixes; Neoteric and Wax Motif's 'Go Deep' and 'Tropicalia' by 2Edit that clock in at 128 bpm.  The versatility and variety of tracks, and the festival setting make this a set to run for!

Autoerotique - Roll The Drums (Torro Torro Remix) by TorroTorro


5. Andy's iLL:

This is an exciting time to catch Andy's iLL live at a festival.  The eye of the storm between the release of the 'Firefight' EP and the release of his full length debut album.  There's no denying that Andy's music covers the entire spectrum from the absolute heaviest bass to the most delicate melody and their inevitable collision, there's no denying this music is huge and growing.  By the time you hear the upcoming album, about to be released on Dim Mak you'll understand where we're coming from.  For now just trust us and go lose your minds!  The show is insane, incredibly energetic both onstage and in the audience.  Next time Andy's iLL will be headlining Digital Dreams!

Andy's iLL - Firefight EP (DIM MAK RECORDS) by Andy's iLL