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The xx: 'On Hold' (Jamie xx Remix)

Last week Jamie xx revealed his remix for the song 'On Hold'.  It comes from the album I See You by the xx, and the video revisits the original video from when the song was released last year.  You can see the original here, directed by Alasdair McLellan and filmed in Marfa, Texas.  Check the remix below!


VIDEO: The xx 'I Dare You'

'I Dare You' goes a little deeper than the average music video these days.  That should come as no surprise when you learn that it's the result of collaboration between Alisdair McLellan and Raf Simons, and serves as a love letter to the city of Los Angeles.  The video has a more intriguing cast, and plot than a lot of movies and tv shows.  The song becomes part of this work of art, meeting the talents of countless others part way to create something special.  The cast includes Millie Bobby Brown, Ernesto Cervantes, Paris Jackson, Lulu, and Ashton Sanders.  You'll want to watch it again and again...

Get I See You the latest from the xx here.


Photo of the day: The XX at Boston Calling

Oliver Sim of the XX performing at Boston Calling.  Photo by Lillie Eiger, see more here!


VIDEO: The xx 'On Hold'

The xx have shown audiences their new single in a few forms.  The most recent being the video directed by Alasdair McLellan.  It precedes the release of their third album 'I See You', and it tells a love story through a phone call.  It's a bizarre look at love and lonliness set in Marfa, Texas.  The album is out January 13th, preorder it now...


The XX: 'On Hold'

It's no big secret that the XX have been in the studio recently.  They've shared some images on their Instagram as they work on the new project, as well as updating their 'In The Studio' playlist on Spotify.  Recently that list included a few short, untitled clips that appear to be samples from the upcoming third record 'I See You'.

Early this morning 'On Hold' was released, and the next chapter in one of the most influential bands' history  begins.  It's the first time since Jamie XX' 'In Colour' that we've heard all three band members performing together, and it is a very welcome return.  The song begins gently and ends on a high note with the sound of early hip hop and electro making it's way into the mix.  With each release the XX have explored new aspects of their sound, and that's an exciting prospect as their third record approaches.